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However big or small you are, we can really influence the way we operate in order to cut our carbon footprint and make an impact.

There are a multitude of changes that can be made to the way a we or business operates in order to do this. We have compiled a some checklist that we do at exactprint…

Reduction in our emissions from road travel

We now encourage local store collection rather than fleet delivery with our own vehicle. Our use of electric and low emission vehicle too

Install plastic curtains

involves placing metal-end caps on rows and vinyl plastic curtains, such as those used in meat lockers, which limit air of different temperatures from mixing, whilst maintaining ease of access and flexible rack layouts

Increase the efficiency of our office lighting

Changing lighting across a building to more energy efficient options such as LED has made a big difference and is a quick win with long lasting effects. Where possible we ensure that natural light is used when adequate, many offices are naturally lit.

Optimise your heating and cooling systems

Implement temperature controls, ensuring heating and air conditioning is timed correctly and according to outside air temperatures.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Thinking about sustainable procurement is acting as an exercise to engaging employees by thinking of ways they can reduce consumption of items such as water, paper, food and drink, laptops, phones and packaging. Because manufacturing and transporting of all these items has an associated carbon footprint.

Minimise single use plastic

By introducing sustainable procurement policies as suggested above, our plastic waste hasl been reduced. We have also reduced all single use plastic items in our business model.

We are now cautious of biodegradable or compostable materials as many of them can’t be combined with food waste.