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Customised|Personalised Perfect Bound Brochure & Booklet Printing Services London

Customised|Personalised Perfect Bound Brochure & Booklet Printing Services London

Brochure printing is an excellent solution to showcase promotional materials for brands, or spreading word about a cause effectively. Also suitable for various other applications, these versatile tools are immensely popular in the personalised products market. Using attractive and engaging brochure designs is necessary for efficient brand advertising. Exact Print offers brochure printing in London, with exceptional turnarounds and premium quality print brochures. Stop looking for ‘brochure printing near me’ and explore personalised magazine printing, unavailable at conventional retail stores. Our top-quality products available at pocket-friendly rates make us the smart choice for your online brochure printing needs. Get cheap brochure printing in the UK conveniently with Exact Print.

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A4 Perfect Bound Brochure

A4 Perfect Bound Brochure

Personalised A4 Bound Booklet Printing ServiceBrochures are versatile tools used by many businesses and industries. Due to their low costs and highly engaging effect on consumers, there has been a rise in demand for brochure printing services. Exact Print provides A4 brochure printing services to ou..


A5 Perfect Bound Brochure

A5 Perfect Bound Brochure

Custom A5 Bound Brochure Printing LondonA5 Perfect Bound Brochures, crafted by folding A4 sheets, form engaging A5 brochures in both portrait and landscape orientations, measuring 148mm x 210mm.Perfectly Portable PromotionChoose A5 Perfect Bound brochures for impactful yet compact promotional materi..


A6 Perfect Bound Brochure

A6 Perfect Bound Brochure

Custom A6 bound Brochure Printing LondonDiscover the strength of professionally crafted brochure printing services via Exact Print in London. Our custom A6 bound brochures are designed to captivate and talk your brand's message correctly. Whether you're promoting products, services, or upcoming even..


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Product Specifications:

1. Exact Print’s personalised magazine printing services have the following characteristics:

2. Our perfect-bound brochures are available in A4, A5, and A6 sizes.

3. The number of pages including the cover ranges from 8 pp to 52 pp printed sides.

4. Print brochure designs in 130 gsm or 180 gsm paper weights.

5. You can select silk, gloss or matt paper type according to your product’s requirements.

6. You are free to choose the brochure printing orientation as portrait or landscape.

7. Same-day dispatch is available at checkout for urgent orders in London.

8. Exciting discounts are available for mass orders of brochure printing services by Exact Print.

9. You can upload your brochure templates on our user-friendly website or get help from our experts to create brochure designs that work for you.

10. Our brochure printing services ensure vibrant designs and striking colour themes for your cause.

Versatile Uses Of Personalised Magazines

Print brochures are versatile tools applicable for various tasks:

A. Effective Marketing Technique: Create promotional material and tailor advertisements for your products with magazine printing services. Provide readers with advertisements specific to their interests and foster a sense of loyalty.

B. Product Catalogues: Create product catalogues which portray your brand in explicit detail and effective engagement with the reader.

C. Event Promotion: Promote your upcoming event with style and elegance with online brochure printing by Exact Print. Include the details and highlight the key features of the event. 

D. Travel Brochures: Personalised magazines work perfectly as travel brochures for travellers. Create detailed holiday brochures with enhanced images of the most famous tourist spots in the area.

E. Educational Material: Create brochure templates with educational material for children. You can also print comic strips or interactive elements such as puzzles, crosswords etc.

F. Mass-Communication: Print your regular magazines using Exact Print’s magazine printing in the UK to elevate your print’s engaging power and increase your magazine’s number of readers.

G. Project Reports: Use brochure printing by Exact Print to print your book reports, project reports, artwork and designs for academic purposes. Our brochure designs ensure your handiwork comes out looking enhanced. 

Benefits Of Using Perfect-bound Brochures   

Perfect-bound brochure printing provides many benefits due to its professional appearance with a flat spine and a polished finish. They have a book-like appearance which provides them a sophisticated look. The adhesive used to put together the personalised magazines provides durability and can withstand regular use. 

Comparing Perfect-bound & Saddle-stitched Brochures   

Exact Print’s magazine printing in the UK provides both perfect-bound and saddle-stitched brochures in high quality. When it comes to perfect binding brochures, adhesive glue is used to put them together while in saddle stitching, metal staples are used along the fold. Perfect-bound brochures appear more bookish and professional, unlike saddle-stitched brochures which give a simple magazine finish. Unlike stapled brochures, perfect-bound ones may have text or graphics imprinted on their flat spines. 

Perfect-bound brochures are used for printing documents where sophistication is more important such as product catalogues, books or magazines whereas staple-bound brochures are suitable for smaller documents with minimalistic look like newsletters, pamphlets or small catalogues.

Choosing The Right Paper Material:

The most suitable paper type for your brochure design depends on your product, colour themes and advertising requirements. Read on to learn about the paper types and make the right choice:

Gloss Paper: Gloss paper is the shiniest paper type. Its lustrous properties make the print brochures attractive and engaging. This paper type enhances the colour theme of your brochure template and provides it with a polished look.

Silk paper: Though less shiny than gloss paper, silk paper does not have a dull surface, unlike matt paper. This paper type provides reduced glare for your brochure prints. 

Matt Paper: Matt paper has no lustre and a rather dull surface. It provides enhanced readability to your print brochures while looking sophisticated. 

Exact Print is a premier institution popular for its premium and affordable products available in London and the UK. Get online brochure printing services by Exact Print today and enjoy a superior shopping experience with our personalised product range. Our other stationery products include:

  • Flyers & Leaflets
  • Envelope
  • Multi name
  • ID Badges


1. What sizes of personalised magazine printing by Exact Print are available?

Exact Print’s brochure printing in the UK is available in A4, A5 and A6 paper dimensions.

2. Is saddle-stitched printing good for book report printing?

You can use stapled (saddle-stitched) brochures for book reports with a few pages, but it is recommended to use perfect-bound brochures for larger book reports to ensure durability.

3. Is matt paper good for printing my product catalogues?

Use Gloss paper for printing product catalogues to enhance your product’s features and colour themes. Gloss paper makes your brochure prints attractive and engaging. Matt paper is more suitable for projects where readability is a major concern such as book reports or newsletters.

4. Can I print text or graphics on the back of my brochure prints?

The flat, sophisticated back of perfect-bound brochures is perfect for printing designs. However, stapled brochures have rough edges disabling you from printing anything along the fold line.

A5 Flyers & Leaflets

A5 Flyers & Leaflets

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