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Personalised Round Edge Corner Business Card Printing London

Leave a memorable mark with our rounded corner business cards. Exuding contemporary flair and sophistication, these distinctively crafted cards are tailored to distinguish your brand. The sleek curves and flawless finish offer an air of refinement while guaranteeing a pleasing tactile experience. Partner with our seasoned designers to craft business cards that seamlessly reflect your brand essence. Differentiate yourself and highlight your prowess with rounded corner business cards from Exact Print in London. Amplify your networking endeavours and etch your brand into memory.

Round Edge Business Card

Round Edge Business Card

Rounded Edge Business Card Printing - Trimmed to 89mm x 55mmPrinted on 400gsm, 350gsm, and 250gsm Matte or Gloss paper.Custom Rounded Corner Business Cards PrintingRounded Corner Business Cards offer a touch of informality in the exchange of information.These memorable cards provide an excellent cho..


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Rounded corner business cards provide a seamless means to exchange contact details while making a lasting impact. Ideal for forward-thinking brands seeking to depart from conventional standards, these memorable cards boast a generous 85 x 55 mm size and are available in single- or double-sided printing options. Additionally, you can opt to incorporate rounded corners into other products as well. Take your pick from a range of premium paper stocks featuring tactile textures such as matte laminated and gloss laminated, available in various thicknesses for added versatility. Streamline the process by printing multiple versions of your business cards, catering to the diverse needs of your colleagues. And if design isn't your forte, our expert in-house designers are at your service to craft stunning prints tailored to your specifications. Choose customized design options and watch as we bring your vision to fruition.

Unique Selling Proposition (USP):

Our unique selling proposition lies in the distinctiveness of Rounded Corner Business Cards. Unlike conventional square-cornered cards, our rounded corner business cards offer a modern and elegant design that instantly captivates attention. The clean curves and seamless end now not only add a hint of class but also replicate an ahead-of-the-game logo identity. These rounded Single name business cards are not pretty much aesthetics; they represent innovation and creativity, putting manufacturers apart in a sea of traditional rectangular multi name business cards. With each change, they leave a lasting impact, subtly expressing the brand's dedication to excellence and attention to detail. In the modern-day aggressive panorama, wherein each aspect of branding matters, rounded-side enterprise single name business cards serve as a subtle yet effective device to elevate logo perception and foster memorable connections. 

1. Our rounded corner rectangular enterprise cards are exactly sized at 85 x 55 millimeters, presenting a sleek and expert look while fitting effectively into fashionable cardholders and wallets.

2. Choose among single- or double-sided printing options to maximize the impact of your layout. Opt for double-sided printing to utilize each facets of the card for added information, branding, or visuals.

3. We provide a diverse variety of paper shares to fit your options and necessities. Options encompass matte laminated and gloss laminated paper stocks, each offering a unique texture and end to supplement your layout aesthetic.

4. Tailor the thickness of your rounded corner square business cards to your liking with our versatile alternatives. Whether you select a robust and substantial feel or a graceful and light-weight design, we've got thickness options available to meet your needs.

5. Extend the glossy and sophisticated appearance of rounded corners to different printed products with our choice to upload rounded corners. Elevate the visual appeal of items, which include flyers, postcards, or invitations, improving their average aesthetic and leaving a lasting influence on recipients.


1. Leaving a Lasting Impression: Our precise enterprise cards are designed to have an enduring effect on recipients. In the brand new competitive commercial enterprise panorama, status is vital, and our rounded corner square business cards do simply that. Their unique design guarantees that your logo is remembered long after the preliminary interaction, helping to foster stronger connections and leaving a high-quality impact on potential customers, partners, and contacts.

2. Printing Multiple Versions: We understand that every colleague may also have one-of-a kind choices or necessities for their enterprise single name business cards. That's why we provide the convenience of printing multiple versions to cater to diverse wishes within your agency. Whether it's versions in touch statistics, task titles, or branding factors, our bendy printing alternatives allow you to accommodate everybody seamlessly, making sure consistency throughout your group while assembly character desires.

3.Expertise of In-House Designers: Our crew of in-house designers is devoted to bringing your imaginative and prescient ideas to life. With their understanding and creativity, they collaborate intently with you to craft customized designs that completely align with your brand identification and objectives. From concept development to the very last execution, our designers work tirelessly to make certain that your rounded corner square business cards stand out and go away with an enduring impact, reflecting the professionalism and area of expertise of your logo.

4.Tactile Experience and Premium Quality: Beyond visible attraction, we prioritize the tactile revel in and premium quality of our published cards. Our rounded, rectangular business cards are crafted with the use of wonderful paper shares and printing techniques, ensuring sturdiness, crisp imagery, and a high-priced feel. From the smoothness of the cardstock to the precision of the rounded corners, each detail is meticulously performed to supply a top-class product that exudes greatness and professionalism, leaving a long-lasting effect on both sight and touch.


1. What are rounded corner square commercial enterprise business cards?

Rounded corner rectangular commercial enterprise cards are a completely unique variation of traditional commercial enterprise business cards providing rounded edges instead of sharp corners. This design adds a cutting-edge and complex contact for your business cards, putting them aside from widespread rectangular ones.

2. Why must I choose rounded corner rectangular enterprise business cards?

Rounded-corner rectangular enterprise business cards provide a graceful and present-day look that enables your logo to stand out. The rounded edges not only enhance the visual enchantment but also create a memorable impact on recipients, making your business cards more likely to be kept and remembered.

3. Can I print on each aspect of rounded, rectangular business cards?

Yes, you have the option to print on each facet of your rounded corner business cards. This permits you to maximize space for conveying statistics, branding, or visuals, making your cards more versatile and impactful.

4. What paper stocks are to be had for rounded-nook rectangular commercial enterprise business cards?

We provide a number of paper shares to fit your options, along with matte laminated and gloss laminated options. Each paper stock provides a one-of-a-kind texture and end, permitting you to customize the look and feel of your cards in line with your emblem aesthetic.

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