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Customised Rubber Stamps London

Rubber stamps have been a necessary tool in business and personal life for a long time for stamping materials and documents in a very easy way. They vary from normal rubber stamps used by hand to the more modern self-inking types.

Custom rubber stamps UK are very important when it comes to making business easier, making sure that a brand remains visible, and maintaining uniformity. They are used in labelling envelopes, packaging, invoicing, or even receipts. Personalised rubber stamps create room for an individual to add a personal touch to their letter writing, decorative, and scrapbooking projects.

Self-Inking Stamp

Self-Inking Stamp

Self-Inking Rubber StampSelf-inking stamps come equipped with an integrated ink pad that can be replaced when the ink is depleted. Replacement pads are available separately for each model. Locate the appropriate pad in our replacement pad product category or as specified alongside each stamp. Due to..


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We are well aware of how significant personalised solutions can be at Exact Print. Our variety of personalised rubber stamp solutions as well as custom rubber stamps enables easy creation of designs mirroring your style and personality. We have got you in case you need a personal stamp meant to print wedding invitations or even a customised company logo stamp. Moreover, using our self-inking technology would mean that you would be able to save time because there would not be any need to worry about ink pads or anything alike.

Moreover, as a part of our comprehensive service offerings, we also provide business card printing to help you make a lasting impression. With Exact Print, you can elevate your professional image with high-quality rubber stamps and business cards, all conveniently available in the UK.

Our Range of Rubber Stamps

At Exact Print, we provide a variety of rubber stamps that suit your demands and choices. 

A. Custom Rubber Stamps: With our custom rubber stamps, you can make distinctive patterns designed according to your specifications. If you require a stamp with your company’s logo, contact information, or a personalised idea, go for it, as we will produce it just as depicted with accurate details.

B. Personalised Rubber Stamps: With any one of the custom-made rubber stamps at our disposal, it is easier to give your projects a personal touch. These rubber stamps can be adapted for monograms, signatures, or decorating designs indicating individualism and original creativity, offering greater customisation potential than ever before.

C. Custom Rubber Ink Stamps: Our self-inking stamps offer the epitome of convenience. After every impression made by these stamps, there is no need to worry about re-inking them due to the built-in ink pads that ensure they automatically re-ink themselves autonomously. They guarantee mess-free and unwavering stamping through this technology; hence, there’s no mess or inconsistency associated with using separate ink pads.

D. Branding with Logo Stamps: Our logo stamps will allow you to make an impact when branding with the use of stamps containing your logo. They are ideal for company promotion or for events because they help emphasise the necessary areas on documents, packaging materials, etc.

E. Business Cards: We also offers business card printing services to ensure a polished look and long-lasting impressions. High-end corporate cards establish an upscale image and leave lasting impressions on clients and contacts. These cards are cost-effective, making them desirable by competitors and clients alike. Exact Print also provides rubber stamps to help clients or contacts remember the items they receive. By participating in these services, businesses can maintain a unique and memorable presence in the market.

When it comes to working on large-scale assignments, Exact Print is the best supplier of high-end rubber stamps UK. Check out our range now and find out which stamp design you can use for your task.

Benefits of Using Rubber Stamps

Below are the different advantages that come with using rubber stamps, making them an essential tool in personal or work life.

A. Efficiency: Using rubber stamps helps significantly improve those repetitive tasks due to efficiency. A single stamp works fast when used for marking documents, envelopes, or other items, thus saving time and effort spent on manual writing or printing information. Therefore, it ensures that people and organisations dedicate their valuable time to other urgent issues.

B. Consistency: Achieve uniformity and professionalism with every impression. Rubber stamps guarantee the consistency of each mark, thus ensuring the uniformity of your materials. As a result, when stamping invoices or envelops, there will remain a common outlook on your brand that makes people remember it forever.

C. Versatility: Rubber stamps have diverse applications across various industries and scenarios. From general office work and paperwork to fine tailoring to «Do it yourself» projects, it is impossible to draw limits on rubber-stamp versatility. Rubber stamps are irreplaceable tools for artistic expression, as they can be employed for any of the following: identification, marking, decoration, and so forth.

Why Choose Exact Print for Rubber Stamps?

When it comes to rubber stamps, the choice is Exact Print for discerning customers. 

A. In quality: Our commitment to excellence is clear in every stamp made by us. We use only the finest materials and employ exact skill to make sure each stamp produces clean and sharp impressions over time.

B. Customisation: Everyone isn't the same, so we give people what they need in stamp customisation options so that they can do it by choosing the best type for their requirements. 

C. Fast Turnaround: Time is money, and we mean it when we say it. Instant gratification is what we can address to you within a short time, be it an emergency order or any other kind of request.


1. Rubber stamps are made from what kind of materials? 

They are made from long-lasting and durable, high-quality rubber materials by us at Exact Print. They show letters true-to-original position lettering distinctness when you use them.

2. Can I customise the design of my rubber stamp?

Yes, absolutely! Our range of rubber stamps includes all customisation options. Cooperation is essential to developing a stamp that suits your exact needs, be it a logo, text, or design customisation.

3. May I know how long it will take for me to get my custom rubber stamp logo order? 

We make sure that we are fast and time-efficient when it comes to our production and delivery times. Based on the type of design and your location, you will usually get your custom rubber stamp logo within the required time.

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