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Customise/Personalised A4 Perfect Bound Brochures Printing London

Customise/Personalised A4 Perfect Bound Brochures Printing London

Brochures are generally used to introduce a company, organisation, products or services to potential customers. Good quality print brochures can be highly effective in increasing your brand sales and doing promotions. Exact Print provides brochure printing services in London, offering clients with fully customised print brochures which are high quality and extremely effective in conveying their message to the target audience. Designed to attract customer attention, A4 brochure printing by Exact Print is popular due to its convenient, portable size and affordable prices. Get your custom A4 brochures in the UK printed by us and watch your brand visibility grow exponentially.

A4 Perfect Bound Brochure

A4 Perfect Bound Brochure

Personalised A4 Bound Booklet Printing ServiceBrochures are versatile tools used by many businesses and industries. Due to their low costs and highly engaging effect on consumers, there has been a rise in demand for brochure printing services. Exact Print provides A4 brochure printing services to ou..


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Ideal Uses for Custom A4 Brochures 

Exact Print’s Print brochures are versatile tools which can be used for a variety of purposes:

A. Product Catalogues: Elegantly display your product features by using enhanced images and descriptions.

B. Company Profiles: Introduce your organisation to prospective customers, investors and team members. 

C. Event Descriptions: Share details about your upcoming conference, seminar or product launch in an inviting manner to bring the crowd into the event.

D. Educational Material: Design print brochures for schools and colleges to increase admissions and provide necessary details such as fee details, course details, enrolment process, and campus facilities.

E. Travel Guides: Create aesthetic A4 holiday brochures for travellers with key destinations of the place, itineraries, best eating places, best hotels and helpful tips.

F. Magazine printing: Print a magazine related to the latest trends in your industry and include promotional advertisements for your brand to increase customer engagement.

Brochure Printing by Exact Print 

Exact Print is famous for its premium personalised products. The key features of our A4 brochure printing include:

1. Print brochures are crafted to dazzle the reader with their blend of simplicity and high utility. The bold, classy spine of these brochures leaves a lasting impression on the reader.

2. The A4 dimensions are 210 x 297 mm, which is convenient to hold and easily portable. It is also good for reading. 

3. Our same-day delivery facilities make us the perfect option for urgent orders. Our fast deliveries in no way compromise the quality of your A4 brochure printing.

4. Experience full control over your print brochures. Work with Exact Print’s skilled professionals to design A4 brochure prints exactly aligning with your vision.

5. Whether you need one or five hundred print brochures, Exact Print is the way to go. Use exclusive discounts on bulk orders from Exact Print. 

Available Customisation Options:

1. Select the number of pages (including cover) anywhere between 8 pp to 52pp.

2. Choose either 130 gsm or 180 gsm for the paperweight of your A4 brochure printing.

3. Select the paper type: silk for better lustre and matt for increased readability.

4. Brochure orientation options: Portrait or landscape.

Now design your A4 mockup brochures using your favourite colour themes, brand name, taglines and logos, images and fonts. Get them printed on premium-quality paper once you are satisfied with the layout and look.

Tips for A4 Brochure Printing:

Exact Print works with you every step of the way to ensure you get quality products which are suitable for your needs. Here are some tips to follow while deciding the layout for your print brochures:

1. Keep the layout clutter-free and organised. Too many text and images decrease the readability of your brochures.

2. Make the important information, such as key points and contact details stand out in the text.

3. Keep the style, colour theme and tone of your custom brochure consistent throughout.

4. Use bullet points, headings and subheadings to avoid overwhelming the reader.

5. Proofread the content thoroughly to avoid grammatical errors.

6. The cover of your A4 magazine mockup is the most important part. Make it eye-catching and impactful.

Keeping these small points in mind will make your print brochures attractive, and will definitely increase your brand’s recognition in the market. 

Stapled Booklets vs. Perfect Bound Brochures

Stapled booklets use metal staples along the folds to keep the pages together, while perfect-bound booklets use glue to bind the pages to a thick cover material. While stapled booklets can lay flat when opened and are ready for immediate use after binding, perfect-bound booklets, on the other hand, provide a professional and polished appearance.

Exact Print is a premier brand famous for our personalised product printing. Our range of personalised products includes mugs,0 drinkware, personalised garments and much more! Some of our popular personalised products include:

  • Architectural Colour Print
  • Fridge Magnet
  • F1 keyring
  • Tote bag


1. Are there any tips for creating eye-catching cover for my brochure?

Designing a compelling cover for your print brochures is the most important part. Use attractive images, and bold text and avoid clutter. Use colour theory to create colour harmony.

2. Do you offer eco-friendly printing materials?

Exact Print uses environment-friendly materials for all our product printing. Our commitment to environment preservation does not decrease the quality of our products and creates sustainable, durable products.

3. What is perfect binding?

Perfect binding is the process of glueing together your print brochures together to the spine of a thick material. Perfectly bound brochures provide a professional and polished appearance.

4. What is the minimum number of printed pages to order for print brochures?

Exact Print provides print brochures in the range of 8 printed pages to 52 printed pages. 

5. Can I use print brochures for my book report?

Absolutely! Our printed brochures on matt paper provide good readability and are suitable for book reports and other school projects.

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