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  • A4 Stapled Brochure

A4 Stapled Booklet - folded from A3 to create an A4 portrait-sized brochure measuring 210mm (wide) x 297mm (height).

Custom A4 Stapled Brochure Printing 

Our diverse range of A4 stapled booklets, designed for catalogues and workbooks, opens the door to a panoramic view. With options for paper weights and premium full-color printing, your aim is to make a lasting impression.

With Exact Print's array of A4 Stapled Booklets, you seize readers' attention the moment they unveil the cover. These larger booklets are ideal for content-rich presentations and workshops, as well as for embellishing the lobby coffee table.

Seamless page turning is a guarantee with Exact Print's A4 brochures, awash in full-color brilliance from cover to cover and secured with dual staples along the spine. At 297 x 210mm, rest assured you'll convey your message with finesse.


What are the uses of A4 Stapled Brochure?

Got a lot to convey and seeking lasting impact? Our slickly printed A4 Stapled Booklet, with its refined binding, serves as a vessel for projecting the ideal image to your clientele.

Among our most adaptable offerings, it suits catalogues, instructional guides, training workbooks, and promotional vouchers - essentially, anything that aligns with A4 dimensions.

Order our A4 Stapled Booklet to ensure you possess ample space for captivating visuals and compelling content that resonates with your audience.

Advantages of A4 Stapled Booklet

Our products, owing to their versatility, extend benefits to businesses of all types. Consider the following scenarios:

  • Utilize them to promote your services or products in high-traffic and tourist zones.
  • Disseminate valuable advice and tips.
  • For medical establishments, educate patients about ailments, vaccines, and related subjects. Include a vaccine schedule to keep patients informed about their vaccination status.
  • Craft event programs or exhibition guides.
  • A4 booklets shine as event programs.
  • Function as instructional manuals.
  • Serve as monthly newsletters.


Distinguishing Stapled Booklets from Perfect Bound Brochures


Saddle-stitched booklets are synonymous with stapled books. Metal staples are employed to fold, arrange, and stitch along the fold line during production. In many cases, stapled booklets are preferred due to shorter turnaround times and cost-effectiveness.

In contrast, perfect bound booklets exude durability and elegance. Throughout the process, pages are glued to the spine of the cover. After the adhesive sets, the remaining three sides are trimmed, yielding impeccable edges. A perfect bound booklet featuring thicker interior pages and laminated outer covers resembles a paperback book.

Embrace the beauty of bound or stapled books through online orders. Afterward, provide your artwork file or engage the expertise of our skilled designers.

Immerse readers from the very start with the Exact Print selection of A4 stapled booklets. These larger guides are ideal for data-rich presentations and workshops, or even as an adornment for reception's coffee table.

Exact Print A4 brochures ensure seamless page flipping, adorned with vibrant hues from cover to cover and fastened with dual staples along the spine. At 210mm x 297mm, your message will find expression without overwhelming the senses.

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A4 Stapled Brochure

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