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London's Finest: Elevate Your Brand with Expert Business Card Printing

London's Finest: Elevate Your Brand with Expert Business Card Printing

How do you choose the best paper for business cards?

Are you a businessman or businesswoman who yearns to build strong connections?

Business cards are an essential tool for networking and promoting our company, brand, or products/services. It is an easy and sophisticated way to connect with potential clients or collaborators. In this sense, business cards are more than just a piece of paper with data; they must also be consistent with the corporate or personal image of the person delivering them.

When designing and printing our cards, several factors must be considered to ensure the best possible results, including design, printing, and paper. This type of card can be made with a variety of papers and finishes, and your choice will be determined by the outcome you desire.

Here we will discuss some ideal papers for printing this type of product as well as the most commonly used finishes to ensure a high-impact final result.

What Paper types are suitable for business cards?

Paper without a coating: It is a porous paper with no coating that is ideal for adding handmade or natural elements. It is recommended to use grammages above 250g for business cards because their rigidity is appropriate and allows for the application of different finishes.

Coated paper: This paper is also known as coated paper and is distinguished by the fact that it is a sheet without pores, very soft, and white. It is one of the most popular papers for making business cards because it is more appealing than the rest of the paper. Colors and patterns are used in this material.

Colors and details are appreciated more in this material than in other papers, so it is preferred for printing flyers, magazines, catalogues, and colour tests.

What finishing options is best for Business Card Paper?

After deciding on the type of paper and weight, you must decide on the finish. Although there are several options, the most popular is matte.

Matte is a type of non-reflective paper. It is commonly used on business cards because the text is easier to read. If text with a glossy finish is printed, the lighting may make it difficult to read the text.

Glossy paper is reflective, which is the polar opposite of a matte finish. It is used in image-based designs where details and the importance of colour are important. Graphic designs with this type of paper can be printed with excellent resolution.