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DL Flyers & Leaflets Printing

Leverage our DL Flyer printing service to effectively showcase an event or introduce a fresh addition to your restaurant's menu. These flyers prove ideal for enhancing leaflet stands or even for distributing as coupons, menus, or invitations, given their dimensions of 210 x 99mm. Our DL Leaflets ensure a premium, polished look, whether you opt for dual-sided printing or a single-sided design. These options are available in both silk and gloss paper variants.

What Does DL Signify?

DL stands as an atypical paper size that doesn't adhere to the ISO 126 standard dimensions. Its width matches that of an A4 sheet, while its height is merely one-third of it. This unique proportion places it significantly taller than a business card yet substantially longer. Although unconventional, its purpose is distinct.

Versatile Uses of DL Flyers & Leaflets

DL Leaflet printing emerges as an optimal method to propagate information about a novel service or forthcoming event. Their tall and slender structure makes them perfect for placement on tabletop stands, effectively capturing the attention of potential clients.

The DL size prints, measuring 99 x 210 mm, present a stylish and practical choice. Whether in portrait or landscape orientation, this size accommodates both designs flawlessly. It proves excellent for crafting invitation cards, pricing lists, concise menus, and discount vouchers.

Efficient Applications of DL Paper for Printing

DL paper finds its efficiency in various forms, particularly for printing materials. Manufacturing checklists, telephone call notepads, receipt pads, and questionnaires constitute some prevalent uses. Typically, opting for lower paper density suffices for these purposes, providing an economical solution without compromising performance.

Understanding Silk Paper Type

A silk finish entails a coated paper with attributes lying between gloss and matte finishes. Exhibiting a subtle sheen, it lacks the intense reflective gleam of full gloss paper. Running one's thumb across it reveals a noticeably softer and smoother texture. Silk strikes a harmonious balance between the vibrant allure of gloss paper and the readability of uncoated matte paper. This silk-coated paper ranks among the most frequently utilized for posters, leaflets, and booklets. Unlike gloss, silk can be written on with a ballpoint pen, though uncoated paper remains the more conducive option.

Exploring Matte Paper Type

Matt paper features a gentle coating that heightens contrast while minimizing glare. Its subdued presentation falls between the shiny look of gloss paper and the smoothness of uncoated paper. Matt paper suits visual designs characterized by muted color palettes and layouts, as it mitigates glare more effectively than glossy coatings. Furthermore, its resistance to ink smudging makes it an ideal choice for diaries and calendars.

Unveiling Gloss Paper Type

Gloss-coated paper boasts heightened shine, resulting in elevated contrast and a broader color spectrum compared to other paper types. This coating particularly enhances full-color imagery where vivid hues demand attention. Ideal for marketing materials and prints that aim to accentuate color, gloss paper imparts a polished, professional appearance. Gloss-coated paper is commonly employed for book printing, including magazines.

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DL Flyers And Leaflets

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