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Design Your Day: Exploring the Magic of Custom T-Shirt Prints

Design Your Day: Exploring the Magic of Custom T-Shirt Prints

In the tapestry of daily experiences, clothing plays a pivotal role, acting as a medium through which we express our identity and navigate the world. This article delves into the enchanting world of custom t-shirt prints, acknowledging the transformative magic they bring to our everyday lives. Customised shirts extend beyond mere fabric; they encapsulate personal narratives, turning mundane routines into moments of self-expression and creativity. The exploration ahead will unveil the ways in which personalised t-shirt prints have the power to elevate daily experiences, fostering a unique connection between individuals and their wardrobes. As we navigate through this journey, the aim is to showcase how the seemingly simple act of donning a personalised shirt can infuse each day with a touch of magic, reflecting our individuality in the garments we wear.


The Art of Designing Personalised T-Shirts

A. The significance of custom design in clothing

Custom design in clothing holds profound significance as it allows individuals to break free from mass-produced, generic styles. It empowers wearers to curate a wardrobe that aligns with their unique tastes, preferences, and personality. The ability to design custom t-shirts fosters a sense of individuality, ensuring that every piece is a reflection of personal style rather than conformity.


B. How personalised t-shirts serve as a canvas for self-expression

Personalised t-shirts serve as dynamic canvases for self-expression, providing a platform for individuals to showcase their creativity and tell their stories. Through custom designs, wearers can communicate their passions, interests, and even social or political affiliations. The t-shirt becomes a wearable form of self-expression, allowing individuals to stand out and make a statement in a visually compelling way.


C. The emotional connection and confidence boost associated with custom designs

The process of creating and wearing personalised t-shirts establishes a unique emotional connection between the wearer and their clothing. Knowing that the design is a personal creation imbues a sense of pride and ownership. Additionally, donning a garment that reflects one's individuality can contribute to a boost in confidence, fostering a positive self-image and empowering individuals to express themselves authentically.


Exact Print: Pioneers in Custom T-Shirt Printing


A. Introduction to Exact Print's Expertise

With a rich history and unparalleled expertise in the printing industry, Exact Print stands as a trusted name in custom t-shirt printing. Boasting years of experience, Exact Print understands the delicate balance of creativity and precision required to deliver top-notch personalised apparel.


B. Commitment to Quality and Customer Satisfaction

At the core of Exact Print's mission is an unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Every print produced reflects the dedication to excellence, ensuring that customers receive not only a customised t-shirt but also a product of enduring quality that exceeds expectations.


C. Overview of Specialized Features and Services

Exact Print goes beyond conventional printing services, offering a range of specialised features. From high-resolution printing to an extensive selection of quality materials and a user-friendly design interface, Exact Print empowers customers to bring their unique visions to life. The array of services provided reflects a dedication to innovation and a personalised approach to custom t-shirt printing.


The Customisation Process

A. Step-by-step guide to designing and ordering personalised t-shirts

Embarking on the journey of designing personalised t-shirts with Exact Print is a seamless process. Begin by accessing the intuitive online platform, where you'll navigate through a user-friendly interface. Select the 'Design Your Own' option and choose the preferred t-shirt style and size. Upload your chosen design or use Exact Print's design tools to create a unique masterpiece. Customise placement, size, and colour to achieve the desired look. Once satisfied, proceed to the ordering stage, where you'll confirm specifications and quantities.


B. Options for design elements, colours, and materials

Exact Print offers a myriad of options to bring your vision to life. Choose from an extensive colour palette for both the fabric and the print, ensuring your design aligns with your aesthetic preferences. Explore various materials, including cotton blends, performance fabrics, and more, tailoring the t-shirt to your desired look and feel. Additionally, unleash creativity with diverse design elements, from graphics and text to intricate patterns.


C. Showcasing the user-friendly and intuitive nature of Exact Print's customization process

Exact Print takes pride in providing a user-friendly and intuitive customization process. The platform is designed to guide users effortlessly through each step, making it accessible for both design novices and experienced creators. With easy navigation, clear options, and real-time previews, users can visualise their personalised t-shirts before finalising orders. The seamless process ensures a satisfying and stress-free experience, reflecting Exact Print's commitment to customer satisfaction.


Impact on Daily Life

A. Integrating personalised t-shirts into daily wardrobes

Personalised t-shirts seamlessly integrate into daily wardrobes, offering a versatile and expressive clothing option. Whether paired with casual jeans or layered under jackets, these custom designs effortlessly become a staple in one's daily fashion choices.


B. Boosting confidence and positive self-image through custom designs

Customised t-shirts act as confidence boosters by allowing individuals to wear designs that resonate with their personality. The ability to showcase unique interests, quotes, or artwork fosters a sense of self-expression, contributing to a positive self-image. Wearing something personally meaningful can elevate one's mood and overall confidence throughout the day.


C. Exploring the unique ways custom t-shirts enhance daily experiences

Beyond aesthetics, custom t-shirts enhance daily experiences by creating memorable moments. From sparking conversations about the design's significance to serving as a wearable reminder of cherished memories, these personalised garments add a layer of individuality and joy to everyday life. The unique stories behind each design make every day an opportunity for self-expression and creativity.


Creative Possibilities

A. Examples of Creative and Unique T-Shirt Designs

Explore a vibrant world of creativity with custom t-shirt designs that go beyond the ordinary. From intricate illustrations and bold graphics to clever typography, discover a myriad of styles that showcase the limitless possibilities of personalised expression. Whether it's a whimsical design, a nostalgic motif, or a contemporary masterpiece, each example reflects the diverse and imaginative nature of custom t-shirt printing.


B. Stories of Individuals Who Have Transformed Their Days through Custom Prints

Delve into inspiring narratives of individuals whose days have been positively impacted by wearing custom-printed t-shirts. Hear stories of boosted confidence, heightened self-expression, and the unique connections formed through personalised designs. These firsthand experiences exemplify the transformative power of custom prints, demonstrating how a simple garment can become a powerful tool for self-affirmation and daily motivation.


C. The Role of Design in Making Each T-Shirt a Wearable Work of Art

Uncover the artistic essence behind custom t-shirt designs, where each shirt becomes a canvas for creativity. Explore how thoughtful design choices, colour schemes, and graphic elements contribute to making each t-shirt a wearable work of art. From concept to execution, the design process is celebrated as a form of self-expression, turning ordinary garments into personalised masterpieces that reflect individual style and personality.


Exact Print Success Stories

A. Real-life examples of satisfied customers

Immerse yourself in the stories of individuals whose experiences with Exact Print have exceeded expectations. From personal celebrations to corporate events, these satisfied customers share how Exact Print turned their ideas into tangible, high-quality custom t-shirts that became an integral part of their special moments.


B. Testimonials highlighting the quality and customization options provided by Exact Print

Hear directly from customers through testimonials that emphasise the exceptional quality and diverse customization options offered by Exact Print. These testimonials shed light on the precise detailing, durability, and vibrant prints that contribute to the overall satisfaction of Exact Print's clientele.


C. Showcasing how Exact Print brings customers' design visions to life

Explore how Exact Print transforms customers' design concepts into reality. Through a showcase of before-and-after visuals, witness the seamless transition from ideas to impeccably printed custom t-shirts. Exact Print's commitment to bringing customers' unique visions to life is vividly illustrated in each success story, reinforcing their position as a reliable and creative printing service.


Future Trends in Custom T-Shirt Printing

A. Anticipating emerging trends in personalised fashion

As the world of fashion evolves, personalised fashion is expected to witness continued growth. Anticipated trends include a surge in demand for sustainable and eco-friendly materials, an emphasis on minimalistic designs, and the integration of augmented reality elements into custom t-shirt prints. The future will likely see an even more diverse range of personalization options to cater to individual preferences and lifestyles.


B. Technological advancements shaping the future of t-shirt customization

Advancements in technology are set to revolutionise the customization process. From AI-driven design suggestions to innovative printing techniques, technology will play a pivotal role in enhancing the overall customization experience. Augmented reality fitting rooms and virtual design tools may become more commonplace, allowing customers to visualise and tailor their designs in real-time.


C. Exact Print's vision for staying at the forefront of design and printing trends

Exact Print is committed to staying ahead of the curve by embracing cutting-edge technologies and incorporating them into their services. With a vision focused on offering the latest trends in design and printing, Exact Print aims to provide customers with an unparalleled and innovative custom t-shirt printing experience. By constantly adapting to emerging trends, Exact Print ensures that their customers can always enjoy the latest advancements in personalised fashion.



In conclusion, the transformative power of custom t-shirt prints goes beyond mere clothing; it becomes an integral part of daily life, influencing confidence and self-expression. Each personalised design holds a magic that resonates with individuals, turning ordinary moments into extraordinary expressions of identity. Affirming this, the article underscores the enchantment created through personalised designs and how they contribute to a positive daily experience.

For those seeking to infuse their days with this magic, Exact Print stands as a trusted ally. With a commitment to quality and a plethora of customization options, Exact Print empowers individuals to design their days with unique, custom t-shirts. The encouragement is extended to readers to explore the possibilities with Exact Print, where the art of personal expression meets the expertise of high-quality printing, allowing them to wear their stories with pride.


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T Shirt Short Sleeve

T Shirt Short Sleeve

Tired of that same old t-shirt in your wardrobe?  Craving a t-shirt that goes past basic then look no beyond Exact Print as our collection of mens short-sleeve t shirts is here to raise your fashion game.  In every order we aim to provide perfection in every aspect which does not compromise on persona, and printability letting your individuality shine through your t-shirt.Here's why we feel you'll love our mens short sleeve t-shirts:Softness & Fit: The fine knit gauge fabric feels smooth against your skin, while the classic fit flatters all body types.Comfy Details: The crew neck with a cotton/Lycra® rib presents a cushy, non-restrictive feel, and the self-cloth against neck tape provides a complete fit.Endless Style: Available in a variety of traditional colourings, such as essential black short sleeve t-shirt and white short sleeve t-shirts, as well as colors like Heather Purple and Heather Burgundy.Unmatched Versatility: Whether you're customising for retail, licensing, tourism, promotions, or just rocking a plain t-shirt, this short-sleeve t-shirt is ready for literally everything.Product SpecificationCrafted from top-class materials, the fabric composition varies to suit your choices: 100% Cotton for the primary material, 99% Cotton and 1% Polyester for Ash, and 97% Cotton and 3% Polyester for Heather Grey. The weight levels from 160gsm for White short sleeve t-shirt to 165gsm for Colours, making sure a comfortable and breathable put-on.Choose your ideal length from our selection: Small (S) with a width of 38 inches and a length of 69.5 cm, Medium (M) with a width of 42 inches and duration of 72 cm, Large (L) with a width of 44 inches and duration of 74.5 cm, and Extra Large (XL) with a width of 48 inches and period of 77 cm.Washing Instructions:To preserve the quality of your T shirt, we suggest dry cleaning from professional dry cleaners only. Avoid using a washing device at 40°C, bleaching, tumble drying on low, and ironing to preserve the vibrant colorations and design.Custom T-shirt printing at Exact PrintOur short sleeve t shirt comes with quite a few printing and embroidery alternatives, permitting you to create a unique design that displays your fashion. At Exact Print, we offer an easy-to-use customisation process. Simply select your preferred product, add your layout, and complete your order on the checkout. After that we look after your order, making sure your personalised T-shirt is crafted to perfection.Versatile Uses of Men's Short-Sleeve T ShirtsShort-sleeve t-shirts for men are vital as they present an unequalled consolation and flexibility. Perfect for an informal put-on, a white short-sleeve t shirt pairs easily with jeans for a classic appearance, at the same time as a black short-sleeve t shirt adds an edgy contact. Ideal for athletic activities, the breathable fabric keeps you cool and comfortable throughout workouts. The short sleeve t-shirts additionally serve as top-notch layering pieces, adding warm temperature without bulk when worn underneath jackets or hoodies. Whether for informal put-on, sports activities, or customised expression, men's short-sleeve t shirts are a need-to-have.Don't pass over this opportunity to showcase your creativity and make a long-lasting effect. Order now whilst stocks last and take gain.For accurate measurements, we endorse relating to our length chart and selecting the dimensions that fit you. With Exact Print, you can believe in top-class fabric, impeccable craftsmanship, and a wide range of printing strategies to create a T shirt that is all yours.Please note: Preview on the customiser is on a Extra Small-Garment. Your design or print may look smaller if printing on bigger size garment.POPULAR SEARCHESWomen’s Printed t shirts | t shirt Printing Men | tshirts Printing Design | Canvas Prints UK | Canvas Printing | Clothing Print Shop Near Me | Apron Printing | Jumper Printing | Hoodie Printing ..


T Shirt Gildan

T Shirt Gildan

Gildan Short Sleeve T ShirtOur unisex Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirt is designed with a wonderful knit gauge that complements its printability, and stands as the proper desire for a myriad of capabilities which incorporates retail, licensing, tourism, and promotions. This flexible heavy cotton t shirt boasts for good features, consisting of a crew neck embellished with a cotton/Lycra® rib and a self-material returned neck tape. It is a traditional fit that radiates timeless attraction, making it a staple in any wardrobe.In addition to its awesome layout, our Gildan t shirt comes with a fascinating array of colours. From the attention-catching Marls Heather Purple to the wealthy tones of Heather Burgundy, and from classic alternatives just like the blue t shirt, light blue t-shirt, and navy blue t-shirt, you have got the wide variety to pick out the colour that resonates along with your fashion. Each hue is cautiously curated to shape various preferences, making sure you can locate the correct colour to make an assertion.Product SpecificationFabric used: 100% Cotton. Ash: 99% Cotton, 1% Polyester. Sport Grey and Antiques: 90% Cotton, 10% Polyester. Blackberry, Graphite Heather, Lilac, Midnight, Russet, Sunset and Tweed: 50% Cotton, 50% Polyester Weight: White 175gsm, Colours 185gsm Size: S 38" M 42" L 44" XL 48"Cotton/Lycra® rib crew neck. Precise twin needle stitching detailing is present on the neck, sleeves, and hem. Also available for kids. Elevate your normal style with our premium Gildan cotton T Shirts for women, the appropriate blend of consolation and style, by Exact Print in the heart of London and the UK. Crafted with care and designed for sturdiness, this traditional t-shirt serves to be an ideal canvas for you to express your creativity.Washing Instructions:Must be dry-Cleaned only by professional dry cleaners. Do not use Machine wash at 40°C. Do not bleach. Do not Tumble dry low. Do not iron.Key Features of the Gildan Ultra Cotton T ShirtPremium Quality, Lasting Comfort:Made from gentle and breathable material, our Gildan Ultra Cotton T Shirt guarantees unmatched consolation, allowing you to breeze via your day comfortably. This heavy cotton t shirt is best for all-day put on.Perfect Fit, Effortless Style:Tailored for a modern match, this cotton t-shirts for women complements all body shapes, supplying a stylish appearance that effortlessly transitions from day to night time. Available in numerous colorations including blue t shirt, light blue t-blouse, and navy blue t-shirt.Durability along with Fashion:Reinforced stitching and outstanding materials make this Gildan Ultra Cotton T Shirt particularly long lasting, ensuring it withstands several washes without dropping its form or coloration. Perfect for every lady and men, these cotton t-shirts are built to last long.Versatile Wardrobe Staple:Whether you’re heading to an informal gathering, hitting the gym, or certainly enjoying at home, this Gildan t shirt adapts to any occasion. A need to-have addition on your dresser, it’s available in various sunglasses to fit your fashion, making it a flexible staple for everyone.Why to choose Exact Print?At Exact Print, we are obsessed with turning your thoughts into tangible, wearable art. With our superior printing techniques and attention to element, we remodel ordinary t-shirts into customised masterpieces that replicate your particular style. Located inside the colourful town of London, our committed team guarantees extremely good high-quality and unprecedented patron pride.Embrace your individuality and allow your creativity shine with our T-Shirt. Explore the endless opportunities of customisation at Exact Print, where innovation meets style.Please note: Preview on the customiser is on a Extra Small-Garment. Your design or print may look smaller if printing on bigger size garment.POPULAR SEARCHESt shirt Print | Custom t shirt Printing | Print Your Own t shirt | Personalised t shirt Printing | t shirt Printing UK | Printed t shirts UK | t shirt Printing England  | UK t shirt Printing ..


T Shirt Long Sleeve

T Shirt Long Sleeve

Level Up Your Layering Game with Exact Print’s Men's Long Sleeve T Shirts. Ditch the ordinary, and include the remarkable in your wardrobe. Our premium line of men's long-sleeve t shirts offers the proper mixture of comfort and versatility. Crafted with incredible material quality, these long sleeves t shirts boast a timeless design, offering a ribbed collar, bolstered sewing, and an easy button placket. At Exact Print we aim to provide you with a wide variety of sizes to flatter all body sizes, you could increase your ordinary appearance or layer up for ultimate consolation. Plus, with certifications like Oeko-Tex, Fairwear Foundation, you could sense that how much efforts we put in making a single t-shirt. It's time for you to redefine your informal style and explore our series of long-sleeve t shirt for mens these days!Product Specification:Fabric used: 100% Cotton. Ash: 99% Cotton, 1% Polyester. Heather Grey: 97% Cotton, 3% Polyester.Weight of the cloth: White 160gsm, Colours 165gsm.Size chart: S 38", M 42", L 44", XL 48".The unisex Long Sleeve T Shirt, with a satisfactory knit gauge for advanced printability, is ideal for retail, licensing, tourism, and promotions. It functions as a crew neck with cotton/Lycra® rib, self-cloth lower back neck tape, and a timeless shape. Available in numerous attractive hues, which include Marls Heather Purple and Heather Burgundy.Washing Instructions:Dry cleaning should only be done by professional dry cleaners only. Avoid machine washing at 40°C and do not bleach. Tumble dry on low and do not iron.Custom Long Sleeve T-Shirt PrintingAt Exact Print, we offer a diverse choice of colours for our long-sleeve t shirts, all of which may be tailored or branded along with your exclusive design. Creating custom t-shirts has in no way been simpler – with us you can proceed as, choose a product, upload your layout, and complete your order at the checkout after that we'll look after the rest!One of our strengths is creating customised clothing and personalised garments, allowing us to provide top-notch personalised products. We create your t-shirts from scratch, ensuring they're completely precise and tailor-made to your possibilities. Exact Print's aims to empower you to have custom-made and bespoke t-shirts, setting high standards.Versatile uses of Men's Long Sleeve T ShirtsPerfect for convenient layering, it pairs nicely underneath a bomber jacket for an informal vibe or a blazer for sophisticated fashion. As a standalone assertion, pick out the bold colours or picture designs to make an effect, whether with jeans and shoes or chinos and loafers. Ideal for active wear, these tees offer solar protection and moisture-wicking residences for exercise. Layer, style, or prioritise comfort—this flexible piece of clothing is a must-have. Discover your perfect long-sleeved t shirts now at Exact Print! Garment Printing TechniqueTo ensure perfection in our final output we use superior garment printing techniques for our long sleeve t-shirts, making sure top-notch high-quality t shirts are available at affordable price. Our services include embroidery, perfect for attaining a perfect finish with a huge range of thread colours to match your brand. For colourful, full-shade designs, our Direct to Garment (DTG) printing uses advanced machines to produce splendid prints on both light and dark fabrics. Dye Sublimation is another method we use, ideal for a 100% white polyester clothes, making certain vibrant and long-lasting prints.Additionally, we provide CAD Cut Vinyl Printing, suitable for bold and easy designs with one or more colours, making it super for sports wear. Our Transfer Printing method works properly on both light and dark fabrics, making an allowance for full-colour designs without a minimum order requirement. With Exact Print, you can personalise your long sleeve t shirts with quite a few printing methods to make sure your designs come to life with stunning readability and precision. Choose us for elegant, durable, and custom t-shirts tailored as per your needs.Please note: Preview on the customiser is on a Extra Small-Garment. Your design or print may look smaller if printing on bigger size garment.LOOM SIZE CHARTSize Chart: Fruit of the Loom Valueweight T ShirtAll measurements are in centimetres and represent product dimensions.Width is measured 2cm under the sleeves across the shirt.Length is measured from the highest point of the shoulder to the hem. KIDS Size Width (cm) Length (cm) ADULT Size Width (cm) Length (cm) 1-2 yr/92cm 31 38 S 48.5 69.5 2-3yr/98cm 33 41 M 53.5 72 3-4yr/104cm 38 45 L 56 74.5 5-6yr/116cm 40.5 50 XL 61 77 7-8yr/128cm 43 55 XXL 66 78.5 9-11yr/140cm 46 60 3XL 71 80 12-13yr/152cm 48.5 65 4XL 76 81.5       5XL 81 83 Tolerance+/- 2.5 2.5 Tolerance+/- 2.5 2.5  POPULAR SEARCHESt shirt Printing | Printed t shirt | t shirt Printing Near Me | t shirt Print | Custom t shirt Printing | Print Your Own t shirt | Personalised t shirt Printing | t shirt Printing UK | Printed t shirts UK ..


Ladies Fitted T Shirt

Ladies Fitted T Shirt

Forget your plain and uninteresting tees! The Exact Print custom Ladies Fitted T Shirt is your clean canvas ready to be converted into a masterpiece. This isn't your just another t-shirt – it is a dream come true for designers, outlets, and all of those who want an amazing women's t-shirts UK perfect for printing.What makes our product standout in the market:Made for Printing: The best-knit gauge creates an easy, printable surface, making sure your designs come out searching sharp and vibrant. Ladies printed t-shirts have never looked so precise!Flattering Fit: The shaped facet seams and cotton/Lycra® ribbed group neck create a cushy and flattering silhouette that accentuates your discern. Look and feel superb in a t-shirt that acts with you.Retail Ready: A kind of classic and ultra-modern fabric and designing, together with standouts like Marls Heather Purple and Heather Burgundy, make this t-shirt a flexible desire for any retail line or licensing opportunity. T shirts for Women have by no means been so versatile in the past!Endless Possibilities: From tourism merchandise to custom creations, the Ladies Fitted T Shirt is the proper basis for any design. Let your creativity run wild!Ditch the everyday wear for this superb T shirt!  The Exact Print Ladies Fitted T-Shirt is more than just a t-shirt – it is a possibility to explicit yourself and stand out from the group.  Order yours today!Product SpecificationFabric: 100% CottonWeight: White 160gsm, Colours 165gsmSize variety: XS (8), S (10), M (12), L (14), XL (16), 2XL (18)Designed with shaped facet seams to make certain a female match, this T-shirt capabilities a cotton/Lycra® rib team neck with a taped neckline. The top-notch knit gauge enhances its printability, making it ideal for customization. This fashion is likewise to be had in youngsters' sizes.Custom Fitted T-Shirt PrintingAt Exact Print, we offer a huge variety of colours for our Lady's Fitted T Shirts, all of which can be personalised or branded along with your own design pattern. Creating custom T shirts has by no means been easier than before- pick a product, upload your layout, and complete your order at the checkout. Rest is then looked by us!One of our center strengths lies in generating customised garments, enabling us to provide awesome personalised merchandise. We craft your T-shirts from scratch to make sure they're unique and tailored. Exact Print's permits you to create custom-made and bespoke T shirts, putting high requirements with advanced fabric.Bring Your Designs to Life with Exact Print's T Shirt Printing Techniques!At Exact Print, we provide several printing techniques to convey your vision to reality.  No matter what your layout, finances, or order length, we've got the best strategy to unleash your creativity.Here's a peek behind the magic:Embroidery: For a hint of timeless beauty and a truly professional finish, embroidery provides a lovely 3D impact for your womens t shirts UK.  We offer a considerable array of thread hues to perfectly suit your brand identity.Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing: This excessive-tech approach permits us to print at once onto your t-shirt, developing beautiful effects on both mild and dark-coloured fabrics. Plus, it is best for those instances where you want your custom t-shirts rapidly!CAD-Cut Vinyl Printing: Got an easy layout with one or two colours? CAD-cut vinyl printing offers a perfect solution, specifically for lettering and numbers.  This method is good for sports clothing or including a personalised contact in your ladies' t-shirts.Transfer Printing: This versatile method allows us to print your designs onto a special transferable cloth, perfect for low-quantity orders and all-over prints.  Whether you need some specific t-shirts for a special event or want to test a design, switch printing has you covered.Please note: Preview on the customiser is on a Extra Small-Garment. Your design or print may look smaller if printing on bigger size garment.So, unleash your creativity and design the perfect ladies-fitted t shirt today.  With Exact Print, the possibilities are endless!POPULAR SEARCHESPersonalised Clothes | custom t shirts | Custom t shirt Printing | Banner Printing London |Bulk Printing Service | Mug Printing | Print Architectural Colour |Document Printing | Brochure Printing..


Kids T Shirt Unisex

Kids T Shirt Unisex

Tired of the "Shrinky-Dinky" Tee? Gear Up for Big Adventures with Our Kids T Shirt Unisex Collection! Is your child's t-shirt collection overflowing with clothes that shrink in the dryer faster than their imagination can grow? At Exact Print, we consider children to deserve durable garments which can hold up with their boundless energy. That's why we created our Kids T Shirt Unisex collection – the perfect mixture of fashion, comfort, and toughness!Material Composition: 100% Cotton fabric. Ash variant: 99% Cotton, 1% Polyester. Heather Grey variant: 97% Cotton, 3% Polyester.Weight: In white T-shirt- 140gsm, In Colour Tshirt- 145gsmSize: 3/4 22/25" 5/6 28/30" 7/8 30/32" 9/11 32/34" 12/13 34/36" 14/15 36/38"The t-shirt features a Cotton/Lycra® rib crew neck detailed with twin needle stitching on the neck, sleeves, and hem. Also offered in children's sizes.Washing Guidelines:1. Dry cleaning by professional dry cleaners is recommended.2. Avoid machine washing at 40°.3. Do not bleach.4. Refrain from tumble drying on low heat.5. Ironing is not advised.FRUIT OF THE LOOM VALUEWEIGHT SIZE CHARTSize Guide: Fruit of the Loom Valueweight T ShirtAll measurements are provided in centimetres (cm) and represent product dimensions.Width is measured 2cm beneath the sleeves, spanning across the t-shirt. Length is measured from the uppermost point of the shoulder to the garment's hem. Kids Size Width (cm) Length (cm) Adult Size Width (cm) Length (cm) 1-2yr / 92 cm 31 38 S 48.5 69.5 2-3yr / 98 cm 33 41 M 53.5 72 3-4yr / 104 cm 38 45 L 56 74.5 5-6yr / 116 cm 40.5 50 XL 61 77 7-8yr / 128 cm 43 55 XXL 66 78.5 9-11yr / 140 cm 46 60 3XL 71 80 12-13yr / 152 cm 48.5 65 4XL 76 81.5 5XL 81 83 Tolerance +/- 2.5 2.5 Tolerance =/- 2.5 2.5 Custom Kids T-Shirts Printing at Exact PrintLooking for a realistic way to personalise your kids dress? Look no further to Exact Print's custom children's t shirt printing service! From classic pink, and white to formidable black, we provide lots of colours and sizes to fit each child particular style.The possibilities are limitless! Our user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly add your very own layout, logo, or artwork to create personalised children t-shirts. Whether you want custom college uniforms, branded t-shirts for an after-college membership, or just elegant ordinary tees, we've got you covered.Our children's long sleeve t shirts are best for all types of sports, from school days and dance classes to football video games, cricket matches, and the past! We regularly offer custom kids' t-shirts for golf equipment, scouts, and diverse teen agencies, promoting sportsmanship and creativity through these stylish portions.The Benefits of Exact Print's Kids T-ShirtsExact Print's kids t-shirts are designed to be as durable. We use notable materials that can resist limitless washes and playground adventures, making sure your crimson, white, black, or custom-coloured t-shirt look pleasant. Our gentle, breathable fabrics hold your kid cool and snug during the day, whether or not they may be conquering the monkey bars or rocking their personalised layout with delight. At Exact Print, we take satisfaction in top-quality materials and outstanding printing techniques. So ditch the normal and include the excellent! With Exact Print, getting personalised children t shirts is less difficult than ever.What sizes are available for kids' t-shirts?We offer a huge sort of sizes for our kids' t-shirts to ensure a high-quality suit for kids of all ages. From babies to teens, we've got sizes that cater to every level of your little one's increase.Can I customise the t-shirts with anything I wish?Absolutely! Our custom kids' t-shirt printing service allows you to personalise t-shirts collectively with your preferred character, or unique artwork. Create a customised kid t-shirt that stands proud with our easy-to-use design tool.What colourings are available for the kids t-shirts?We provide a variety of colourings such as red t-shirts, green t-shirts, and white t-shirts for kids, black t-shirts and young children long sleeve t-shirts. Choose the suitable colour for kids style and desire.POPULAR SEARCHESPrinted t shirt | t shirt Printing Near Me | t shirt Print | Custom t shirt Printing | Print Your Own t shirt | Personalised t shirt Printing | t shirt Printing UK | Printed t shirts UK..