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Design, Print, Impress: Elevate Your Message with Stunning Posters

Design, Print, Impress: Elevate Your Message with Stunning Posters

Do you want to print posters? If you are numerous...

Most printers sold for home and office environments support printing on A4 sheet size. The classic folio. But there are times when you need to print in larger sizes. For example, a poster or billboard.

Poster printing software gives us the possibility of printing large sizes by dividing an image into several pages, which you can then join to create the poster or poster.


In this poster printing tutorial we explain how to print an image on four sheets in of poster paper .

Once we have chosen the shape of the sheet we must add the large image that we are going to print. On the Insert tab, click on Images or Online Images  to search for an image on your hard drive, or on the Internet. 


You can also do it by simply copying and pasting the photo.

It is important that it has a high resolution , since we are going to print it large:

Surely you will have to stretch the image from the corners, to fit it on the sheet.

It's time to print it on four sheets. We enter the File tab and click on Print . 


Under the printer that we are going to use, click on Printer Properties :

Here we already depend on the printer software that we have. 


You may need to install printer-specific software. We must look for a section called Multiple Pages or similar, and choose the 2x2 option, which means that we want to divide the image into four sheets. But there are printers that let you choose 3x3 and even 4x4 (16 sheets). 


Be careful because there are basic printers that do not offer this option.

By selecting 2x2. We press Print and Word will divide the image into four pages, which we can later join to obtain our poster.