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Printed Perfection: Elevating Your Event with Expert Raffle Ticket Printing

Printed Perfection: Elevating Your Event with Expert Raffle Ticket Printing


Various agencies use the raffle tickets. We suggest that you offer your clients a high-end and personalized print. You can make custom ballot books for them. Available in various supports, each of your potential customers will be able to define the ideal raffle ticket.


The raffle ticket is a tool that should not be underestimated. This tool generally goes unnoticed but has great communicative value. With a personalized printing of the ballot, your clients will be able to get a tool that meets their expectations.


Schools, sports clubs, companies or municipal parties use the raffle tickets to raffle lots and thus please the people. For these cases, we recommend custom checkbooks. Whatever the color, size, ticket or support, your potential customers will get the ideal product. First of all, they will be able to choose different types of tickets for the raffle: ticket + 1 part tear off, ticket + 2 part tear off, ticket + 3 part tear off or ticket + 4 part tear off. 

Whatever the chosen model, we will propose several predefined formats or cut to 200 x 70mm as our standard measure. Depending on the booklet and the chosen format, the size of the tickets (between the perforations) as well as the final design will be determined. These parameters will allow your customers to print a very homogeneous and high quality tool.

Your clients will be able to opt for a suitable support for the optimal printing of the raffle ticket. Whatever the chosen ballot model, you will be able to propose a print on different types of paper. We have the printing classics with 90g/m² offset paper (ideal for printing checkbooks), 135g/m² glossy satin, 170g/m² matt satin and 250g/m² glossy satin. For the raffle ticket we propose an original and adapted support that is 80g/m² offset paper. The latter is available in yellow, green, blue, orange and pink. If your customers choose the latter, we recommend that they opt for printing black on the front side or black on both sides.


As a good visual communication tool, the ballot has quality printing options. Thanks to the latter, it becomes a very useful support for the organizers of parties, games, contests, etc. To facilitate the distribution of ballots in an event such as a raffle, you can propose to your clients that they choose the numbering option or a unitary personalization. If your clients opt for numbering, they will be able to choose where it starts from, for personalization, they will have to send us a file with a database (Excel). In both cases, they will have to send us a model file with the order.

On the raffle ticket, your customers can also add a single barcode on the front or back of the tickets. For the aesthetic side of the ballot book, your customers will be able to choose a 350g/m² cover and for the practical side, a 5mm diameter perforation. Whatever the model chosen or the finish selected, the final result will be made taking into account several characteristics. In fact, we will take into account the number of ballots desired and the number of ballots desired in a booklet.