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Customised Polo T-Shirts: A Perfect Choice for Team Events and Sports

Customised Polo T-Shirts: A Perfect Choice for Team Events and Sports

As is obvious in the world of team events and participating in skills and sports, having a perfect appearance for everyone with an organised and professional touch is paramount. It not only encourages unity and teamwork among team members but also provides for the creation of strong, unique, and recognisable visuals of the team. To everybody’s fashion delight, there is one garment that fits stylishly, comfortably, and functionally, and that is the customised printed polo t-shirts

When our clients at Exact Print come to us for custom clothing, we know that they are interested in high-quality apparel for their team activities based on athletic fields. Here we will discuss how and why these polo t-shirts can be best suited for such events and how Exact Print can offer the best customised polo t-shirts to enhance the feature of your team’s identity.

The Versatility of Printed Polo T-Shirts

From the Field to the Office

Polo t-shirts for men have also been used for quite some time in the domain of sports and all teaming activities, thanks to the frequently versatile design and the airiness of the fabric. But that is not all that makes them popular, even outside the sporting arena. There is no better way to go from playing an intense game of polo to going to the office and having a meeting, as polo t-shirts can be branded for your company and used for team-building and fun corporate events or even as casual wear in the office.

Comfort Meets Style

In the case of customised white polo t-shirts, there are huge benefits as well since comfort and style can be worked together. These shirts are made from pro fabrics like cotton or better performance-enhancing fabrications that provide breathability and anti-moisture properties, thus providing comfort to the team since physical activities cause increased sweating. At the same time, their collared design does offer a somewhat professional business-like look, although the relatively smooth and streamlined cut also makes them perfect to wear when presenting an image of a neat and professional company team.

The Power of Branding and Team Identity

Strengthen Team Unity

Especially when ordering men's golf polo t-shirts as promotional products, the target audience does benefit from the use of such customised wear as it encourages unity and togetherness by bringing together a team of keen problem solvers. That is why, when you are working on making them, you add the logo, the name of your team, and other distinguishing features. You are simply uniting people. This feeling of identification not only enhances team morale but also fosters a prideful attitude in team members towards the team and its respective goals.

Brand Visibility and Recognition

From the allure of professional attire to the vibrancy and openness of casual wear, customised polo t-shirts are a powerful branding strategy for businesses or organisations. When the organisers incorporate your company’s logos or other branding features into the outfits, they create brand evangelists. From team functions through promotional team events, seminars, tradeshows, and other team and corporate functions, these will act as ambassadors of the brand.

polo t shirt printing

Customisation Options for Printed Polo T-Shirts at Exact Print

Tailored to Your Needs

At Exact Print, we have come to the realisation that everyone has different preferences and that clients in teams and organisations are no exception. That is why every printed polo t-shirt is completely customised to your needs, establishing a design that fits the lines of your team. Customised embroidered branding, custom screen printing, and graphic images are among the services you will receive from our competent designers and printers based on your ideas and concepts.

Same-Day Shipping in London, UK

Team events and sports cannot wait, and that means that time is of the essence when dealing with these events. This is why at Exact Print, we provide printing with same-day shipping in London, UK, to make sure that your short-run polo t-shirt long sleeve order gets to you on time and in the best shape. Whether you are looking forward to a tournament, a corporate event, or need a team-building tool, we have aggregated some of the best. 

Quality and durability

Built to Last

To ensure the polo t-shirts at Exact Print meet the requirements of this client, and especially due to the fact that these t-shirts will be used for athletic activities as well as regular use, we have to take certain aspects into consideration. That is why we only supply the highest-quality materials and printing technology for your team’s wear, which is going to stay bright, sturdy, and durable for a long time. With regards to colour prints, flex printing is the assured method to produce customised black polo t-shirts, women's that have a quick, strong, and scratch-safe standing shade.


Customised polo t-shirts are ideal apparel for team events and sports, as they provide an impressive dressing sense coupled with comfort and practicality for any gameplay. If you want to enhance your team so that they look well-kempt, boost your brand recognition, or enhance your team spirit, look no further than Exact Print and print promotional products like polo t-shirts for ladies for great quality.

Offering flexibility with sizes, colours, and designs, all our customised polo t-shirt printing services in the UK made with premium quality are ideal for your team in London, UK, and we offer same-day dispatch. Look no further for your team branding needs, as Exact Print can provide you with a solid and unified aesthetic that separates you from the pack.

Take your team apparel to the next level and stand out with our quality tailor-made printed polo t-shirts for your team from our team at Exact Print. Get in touch with us today to begin creating team apparel that’s exclusive for your team and be a witness to the impact of having customised uniforms.

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Polo Long Sleeve Unisex

Polo Long Sleeve Unisex

Polo Long Sleeve T Shirt UnisexElevate your wardrobe with Exact Print's Polo Long Sleeve Unisex shirts! Our long sleeve polo shirts, available for women and men, integrate fashion and comfort seamlessly. Crafted for versatility, these polo shirts are perfect for any event, from professional events to casual outings. Whether you are searching out men's long-sleeve polo t shirts, womens long-sleeve polo shirts, then our collection has something absolutely for everyone. Enjoy the high-quality and cutting-edge printing services, designed to cater to all genders effectively and beautifully.Product SpecificationFabric: 50% Cotton, 50% PolyesterWeight: 220gsmSize: S 36/38" M 38/40" L 41/42" XL 43/44" 2XL 45/47" 3XL 49/51" 4XL 52/54"Our long sleeve polo t shirts women and men are designed with sturdiness and style in mind. Thanks to the ribbed collar and 1x1 neck tape, it holds its shape without problems. A 2-button placket reinforced with a fusible insert and faceted seams guarantees a notable fit. Available in sizes XS to 4XL, it can be an appropriate preference for all people. The cotton pique material is pleasant for personalisation and the buttons match the shade of the shirt so it is best for a print or embellishment. Thoroughly researched, the fabric meets the requirements of several printing methods and holds Oeko-Tex, Fairwear Foundation and Vegan certifications. Perfect for everyone seeking out a unique, customisable long-sleeve polo shirt for men or a long-sleeve polo t-shirt women. Washing Instructions:Must be dry-cleaned only by professional dry cleaners.Do not use Machine wash at 40°. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry low. Do not iron.Custom Polo T Shirts by Exact Print!Tired of everyday uniforms? Then worry not as Exact Print is here to convert your polo’s into a powerful branding tool! We specialise in growing personalised polo shirts with custom prints.Why to choose Exact Print?Unleash Your Creativity: Design your dream polo, no matter your finances. Our user-friendly interface permits you to add trademarks, text, or portraits to create custom t-shirts.Quality You Can Trust: We use the most effective printing materials and techniques, ensuring your custom t-shirt printing seems sharp and lasts long. Choose embroidery for a hint of undying elegance.The UK's Custom Clothing Kings: From small orders to bulk productions, we supply splendid custom polo t shirts anywhere inside the UK.The possibilities are endless! Outfit your group, promote your enterprise, or create a unique present with our customisable polo shirts. Exact Print is your one-stop shop to get the best garments in UK!Versatile Uses for Polo Long Sleeve UnisexWork-wear: Our long-sleeve polo shirts are ideal for corporate environments and uniforms. With a sleek design, they make an ideal outfit. Both long-sleeve polo shirts men's and women's long-sleeve polo t shirts are tailored to maintain an elegant appearance at some point of the workday.Casual Wear: Ideal for casual outings and regular wear, these polo’s are a mixture of fashion and comfort. Whether you are dressing down for the weekend or walking errands, men's sleeve polo shirts and long sleeve polo t-shirt womens provide bendy fashion options.Advanced Garment Printing Techniques for Polo Long Sleeve UnisexAt Exact Print, we specialise in top printing techniques. Our strategies make certain durability and consistency at competitive costs, tailored as per your needs. Following are the printing techniques employed at Exact Print:Embroidery: Achieve a professional finish with our wide range of thread colors for ideal brand matching.Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing: Utilise our advanced DTG machines for vibrant, full-shade prints on each light and darkish fabric.Dye Sublimation: Ideal for a 100% white polyester clothes, this technique guarantees bright, durable prints.CAD Cut Vinyl Printing: Perfect for ambitious, simple designs with one or two colorations, perfect for sportswear.Transfer Printing: Suitable for both mild and dark fabric, supplying full-colour designs without a minimum order.Choose Exact Print for elegant, long-lasting custom unisex long sleeve polo shirts.POPULAR SEARCHESArchitectural Colour Printing | Document Printing | Raffle Tickets Printing | Flyers Printing | Leaflets Printing | Personalised Garment | Envelope Printing | Banner Printing | Business Cards Printing ..


Polo Long Sleeve Ladies

Polo Long Sleeve Ladies

Get high sophistication and complete luxury with Exact Print's series of long-sleeve polo t shirts for ladies! At Exact Print we provide our customers with flexible long-sleeve polo shirts which are the precise combination of conventional style and cutting-edge-day technology, made for the modern-day ladies on the move. Crafted from excellent fabric and material, these women's long-sleeve polo shirts offer a timeless look that fits any occasion. Whether for an informal day out or an office event, our long-sleeve polo t-shirt women provide the beauty and comfort you want to experience.Fabric: 50% Cotton, 50% PolyesterWeight: 220gsmSize: S 36/38" M 38/40" L 41/42" XL 43/44" 2XL 45/47" 3XL 49/51" 4XL 52/54"Product DetailsOur women’s long-sleeve polo t shirts function with a 1x1 rib knitted collar and neck tape, making sure they preserve their shape after wear. The 2-button placket is reinforced with a fusible interlining for introduced sturdiness, at the same time as facet seams guarantee fantastic health. Available in sizes from XS to 4XL, there is a super in shape for every lady.Material: Crafted from cotton piqué, these shirts are perfect for customisation. The material has been examined to fulfil standards for diverse printing techniques, making it best for all types of custom designs.Design and Details: The buttons are colour-matched to the shirt, imparting a continuing look and flexibility for printing.Certifications: Our women's long-sleeve polo t-shirts are Oeko-Tex, Fairwear Foundation, and Vegan licensed, making sure they're made with excessive ethical and environmental standards.Elevate your cabinet with our stylish and customisable long-sleeve polo t shirts for women, designed to provide both consolation and a perfect shape.Washing Instructions:Must be dry-cleaned only by professional dry cleaners. Do not use Machine wash at 40°. Do not bleach. Do not Tumble dry low. Do not iron.Custom Polo ShirtsPersonalised polo t shirt with custom prints are a great way to make more humans recognise your business. We're right here to help you create your special polo shirts, and we can deliver the shirt anywhere within the UK. Today Exact Print is the premium choice within the UK for making precise t-shirts and custom shirt printing, whether you want your layout revealed or embroidered.Benefits of Long Sleeve Polo ShirtsDiscover the appropriate combo of favor and luxury with our women's long-sleeve polo t shirts. These versatile garments are designed to fulfil the needs of each of your expert and informal wardrobes, ensuring you usually appear polished and feel cushy.Long Sleeve Advantage: Transition effortlessly between seasons with the added warmth and coverage of long sleeves. Perfect for layering, offering a polished look for the office or a casual vibe for weekend outings.Comfort & Quality: Made from top-rate, breathable fabrics that drape fantastically and ensure all-day consolation. Durable construction withstands frequent washing without compromising form or colour.Customisable Style: Unleash your creativity with our user-friendly design tool. Add your logo, name, or a personal touch to create a certain specific polo.At Exact Print we provide you with the best long sleeve polo t shirts for women which are not just a cloth cabinet staple, but a canvas for your private fashion.Garment Printing TechniqueAt Exact Print, we provide a number of printing techniques to convey your imaginative and prescient to life, even keeping it durable and low priced.  Whether you want some custom polos for a team party or for a promotional event, we've got you covered. Here's a breakdown of our printing strategies that will help you select the most suitable one for yourself:Embroidery:Embroidery adds a hint of undying beauty on your polos. With a considerable choice of thread colours to perfectly shape your brand identification, embroidery creates a professional and long-lasting impact. It's ideal for trademarks, text, or even small, complicated designs.Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing:Imagine excessive-resolution pictures, targeted artwork, or colourful logos redecorating your polos! DTG printing makes it possible. This digital printing method works wonders on each mild and dark coloured fabrics, generating top-notch effects in a brief turnaround time. Perfect for showcasing complicated designs in all their glory.Dye Sublimation:Got a layout that needs to wrap around the whole polo? Dye sublimation is your ideal solution. This method entails printing onto transfer paper, that's then heat-pressed in a particular manner, on a 100% white polyester cloth. In the end we get a wonderful, complete-insurance layout that will become one with the material.CAD Cut Vinyl:For designs with a one or two-shade punch, CAD cut vinyl printing is a remarkable preference.  This approach uses a laptop-managed system to exactly reduce your design from exquisite vinyl. The design is then warmth-pressed onto the garment for a crisp, expert look. This approach is famous for lettering, numbers, and logos, making it a fantastic alternative for athletic garb or group uniforms.Transfer Printing:If you need captivating, full-color designs on a smaller batch of polos, then transfer printing is a really perfect choice for you.  Your artwork is printed onto special transfer paper, that's then warmth-pressed onto the material. This technique works nicely on both light and dark colored garments, making it a versatile and powerful preference.POPULAR SEARCHESt shirt Printing England  | UK t shirt Printing | Women’s Printed t shirts | t shirt Printing Men | tshirts Printing Design | Canvas Prints UK | Canvas Printing | Clothing Print Shop Near Me ..


Polo Top Short Sleeve

Polo Top Short Sleeve

Polo Top Short SleeveAre you also tired of the old clothing style? Then it's time to inject some convenient style into your dresser!  With Exact Print's collection of men's short sleeve polo t shirts (Polo Top Short Sleeve). These polo shirts are the precise combination of informal consolation and polished appeal, ideal for the present day man who values their style.  Level up your everyday appearance! Explore Exact Print's Polo Top Short Sleeve collection and find out the best fit for your day.Product SpecificationsFabric: 50% Cotton, 50% PolyesterWeight: 220gsmSizes: S 36″, M 40″, L 44″, XL 48″The Pro polo shirt is a flexible clothing option, it is provided with an extensive range of sizes, best for working teams of all sizes, making it an appropriate uniform answer. It features a ribbed self-collar, self-taped neck, and twin-needle stitching for better durability. The 3-button placket, in matching colorations, provides to its smooth appearance, whilst the current suit guarantees all-day comfort. Whether you want a short sleeve polo shirt, mens polo short sleeve, then this shirt surely meets your desires with the best style and all the capabilities.Washing Instructions:Exclusive dry cleaning by means of professional dry cleaners is important. Avoid machine washing at 40°C. Refrain from using bleach. Steer clean of tumble drying on a low placing. Do not iron.Personalised Short sleeve Polo t shirtCustom-printed polo shirts provide an exceptional manner to elevate focus on your business. At Exact Print we aim to assist you in growing your own custom polo shirts, tailored to any price range, and we also deliver it across the UK. Versatility of Exact Print's Polo Top Short SleeveThis isn't your common polo shirt!  Exact Print's Polo Top Short Sleeve transcends occasions. The high quality printing material makes it best for normal put on, whilst the polished layout elevates your search for commercial enterprise casual settings.  As an ideal customised t-shirt and custom t-shirt printing organisation within the UK, we're proficient in both printing and embroidery services.Benefits of Exact Print ServicesExperience the unprecedented convenience of Exact Print's services. We make use of green printing dyes, reflecting our dedication to sustainability. Our unisex t-shirts and mens short sleeve polo t shirts are crafted for consolation and style, making them perfect for any occasion.At Exact Print, we're committed to providing awesome printing services with numerous benefits for our clients:Fast Turnaround: Enjoy short delivery times without compromising on quality.Eco-Friendly Printing Dyes: We use sustainable and environmentally pleasant printing substances.Easy Customisation: Our user friendly customisation tool makes personalisation a breeze.Affordable Pricing: We offer competitive pricing without sacrificing exceptional.Bulk Orders Possible: We cater to massive orders, making us ideal for team and company wishes.Unisex T Shirts Available: Our product variety consists of alternatives appropriate for everybody.Garment Printing TechniquesInfuse your short sleeve polos with personality! We offer a variety of printing techniques to bring your design dreams to life, from classic embroidery for a timeless touch to vibrant DTG printing for full-color creativity. Want an all-over print masterpiece? Dye sublimation makes it possible. Need a bold logo or crisp lettering? CAD cut vinyl is your friend. And for budget-friendly full-color designs, transfer printing is a champion. Unsure which technique reigns supreme? Our printing experts are here to guide you - let's make your short sleeve polos stand out from the pack!POPULAR SEARCHESPersonalised t shirts | Personalised t shirts UK | Personalised t-shirts London | Personalised t shirt Printing | Personalised t shirts Next Day Delivery | t shirt Printing Men | tshirts Printing ..