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Fashion Meets Function: How Personalised Tote Bags Elevate Your Everyday Style

Fashion Meets Function: How Personalised Tote Bags Elevate Your Everyday Style

In our topsy-turvy world of today, being fashionable is only half the story. There are people who are looking for garments to wear that have both in them. The tote bag can surely be labelled as a supremely versatile accessory that has achieved cult status, stepping out of its role as a simple grocery carrier to become an absolute necessity of modern living. Be it for tote bag printing or any other personalised items like shirts, mugs, etc. We at Exact Print know exactly what people like, and we do all we can to offer you a great choice from our wide range. 

The Story of the Tote Bag

Where do we begin? We all know the story about our old-fashioned carry-around bags. The term ‘tote’ has its etymology from the 17th century; its origin lies in the old English word 'carrying”.' Nevertheless, the tote bag printing design in the famous form that we know today became so widespread after the middle of the last century, particularly in the 1940s, when it was acknowledged as a very practical way of carrying many items.


Custom Tote Bag: The Everyday Essential

Along with city dwellers and urban professionals, a tote bag is a stowaway friend. Its spaciousness allows it to contain a laptop, a notepad, a battery charger, and other office-related items, hence being dubbed a mobile office. On the other hand, the exact custom tote bag gives you the privilege of personal or professional branding and the capability of stylishly carrying your essentials. 

Fitness and Leisure

Forget the hideous gym bags and take the easy way with a trendy tote from Exact Print. Our sturdy personalised tote bags can easily accommodate your gym shoes, clothes, towel, and water bottle, and this list is not limited, not even after including post-workout snacks. As for our designs, they have smart compartments to place sweaty suits at a safe distance from clean ones, which helps you switch from going to the gym to other daily activities without any hassles. 

Fashion Forward

It has happened in the last few years that tote bags have transformed from their initial use to fashion elements with an edge. At our company, Exact Print, we provide a wide spectrum of fashionable cotton bags personalised designs, from elegant leather-print styles to vivacious patterned canvas designs that will suit all preferences. With this tote, you can showcase your personality by wearing something unique and supporting the causes that you believe in, and you can also upgrade your look to look cool and sophisticated by doing so. 

custom tote bags printing

Gifting and Events

Personalised tote bags from Exact Print are memorable gifts not only flashed in the moment but always in use. Custom tote bags, for instance, whether used for a wedding, corporate event, or charity, can be handed out to promote the event as mementos. And for those who are looking for an eco-friendly alternative to traditional gift wrapping or for those who love something unique and different, they’ll love our totes. 

Picking up a Personalised Tote Bag that Suits you

Amidst the broadness of the market, you have a hard time finding personalised shopping bags that will fit you. At Exact Print, we're here to guide you through the process.

Material Matters

With a focus on durability and longevity, our offerings of fine leather and heavy-duty canvas should be considered. If you need a cotton tote that is lightweight and, at the same time, has good durability, you should go for our cotton totes. 

Size it Right

Make sure your cotton bag personalised is roomy enough to carry your daily needs and does not weigh you down. Your tote should be an extension of one's look, but not the attention seeker. Not only do we offer the mini variation of our boards to be used for the city commute bust, but the bigger models are good for travel or beach trips. 

Compartments and Organisation 

Others choose the compartment with easy accessibility, while others solve the organisation problem at the time of access because it is provided by multiple pockets and sections. While Exact Print does both with the intention that you get to choose the method that is suitable for you.


Fast delivery and Convenience

The fact is that, as Exact Print teamsters, we see a direct relationship between convenience and speed in our rapidly developing world. That is why we also offer same-day shipping in London for personalised tote bags and the rest of the UK: to make the wait for your bag as quick as possible. Our easily navigable website and expertly employed design team help you get your design refined without facing a tonne of hassles. Hence, you will be able to make your dreams come true with the minimum amount of effort. 

Along with the ever-increasing aspiration for eco-friendly and fashionable products, the handbag comes to be seen as a fusion of these two. You can enjoy the beauty of the balance between fashion and utility with tote bag printing by Exact Print, which will assure you a stylish yet useful accessory that embodies your individuality and can be your life partner in any moment of everyday activities. Whether you go to work by bus or have a motivating day trip planned, your faithful tote will always be with you, incorporating an element of style into the functionality of your bag. 


Exact Print has something for everyone: custom tote bags at your fingertips, ranging from simple and sleek ones to more funky and graphic designs according to your preferred taste and lifestyle. The use of high-quality materials, our solution of 100% customisation, and the delivery in a short time frame make us ensure that your product has the fashion and function you require for your day-to-day activities. Pick the fashionable and handy bag and let Exact Print take you on the sustainable, chic, and convenient ride of everyday living. 

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