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How to Choose the Best Printing Technique for Your Bulk T Shirt Printing Order

How to Choose the Best Printing Technique for Your Bulk T Shirt Printing Order

Whether you’re a company planning to produce custom-branded merchandise, a charity organisation thinking of a charity event, or an individual getting ready for a milestone celebration involving custom t-shirts, this is almost an obligatory part of a successful promotion or event preparation. On the other hand, with the large number of printing techniques that are on offer nowadays, this can be a difficult thing to do because it can be hard to know which one is best for bulk t shirt printing for an event.

Exact Print, a modern printing business within London, United Kingdom, appreciates the crucial role of discovering a printing service that ideally matches all your requirements. In this blog post, we will be taking you through what printing techniques are capable of and how they differ, so you can properly plan out the bulk t-shirt printing order.

Screen Printing: The Classic Choice for Bulk T Shirt Printing

1. Versatility and Durability

Screen printing has been widely used to print personalised t shirts for a long time, as it provides outstanding versatility and durability that no other machine can. Among others, this method includes the pulling of ink onto a mesh fabric screen, through which bulk t-shirt printing designs get printed in bold and permanent colours. Your choice of bold graphics, intricate logos, or intricate text will capture screen printing and the stunning effects it delivers, including the duration of time they stand.

2. Cost Effective for large Orders 

Yet the bulk, inexpensive t shirt printing order can be the biggest benefit of screen printing. There could be certain additional setup costs, which, however, become inexpensive as the order quantity tends to increase. The fact that screen printing is well suited to this kind of enterprise is seen as a very important reason why so many companies, organisations, and events, such as work parties, choose screen printing as their special clothing printing technique.

3. Variety of ink Options

Screen printing gives you many inks that you could use, like plastic, water-based, and discharge-type inks. Every one of them has a different appearance. That's why you can always opt for the best one for the look you aim for as well as the delivery you want. From anywhere to iridescent, translucent colours to the soft, vintage-style atmosphere, the choices open up for bulk t shirt printing for employees.

Direct-to-Garment (DTG) Printing: Photorealistic Quality for Bulk T-Shirt Printing for Events

1. High Resolution Printing

Higher-resolution printing of direct-to-garment (DTG) is used in the custom t-shirt printing industry and is a new technique. Such a process is carried out through the direct application of ink using inkjet technology, which in turn enables one to achieve the highest quality and even photo-realistic patterns. For you to have special artwork, photographs, and complex graphics, it is necessary that DTG printing be utilised.

2. Small Order Flexibility

This is different from screen printing, which increases the price as the orders increase. DTG t shirt printing UK is quite good for smaller lots or even single-piece personalization. What differentiates it from its competitors is that it has plenty of room for customisation and is therefore an excellent selection for companies or organisations with different design needs or for individuals organising things like birthdays and work anniversaries.

3. Vibrant and Durable Results

Combined with the ability to use a wide range of colours, this ensures that photos look just like the original, with great detail and vivid colours. Moreover, DTG produces durable graphics. The inks in this process are manufactured purposely to be fade-resistant and to last long through regular wash and wear, making your personalised bulk t-shirt printing  show their beauty for years to come.

Bulk T shirt printing London

Heat Transfer Printing: Versatile and Affordable to Print Company Logos on Bulk T-Shirts

1. Diverse Application Options

Heat transfer printing provides a varied, easily accessible, and affordable method for custom t shirt printing UK. One technique of this kind is the use of a printing material and a subsequent process of impacting heat and pressure, which then transfers the pattern onto the fabric. Heat transfer imprinting can be done on several types of fabrics, which makes it the best option for organisations that have many variations in apparel because of their diversified events.

2. Cost Effective for Small to Medium Orders

Heat transfer printing is good for the production of small and medium-quantity orders but not as cost-effective as screen printing when we are talking about scores of pieces being printed. With its versatility, customisable design features, and the possibility of stocking up in bulk, this option is perfect for businesses or organisations with different design needs or for people planning any event, from birthdays to work anniversaries.

3. Quick Turnaround Times

It takes the feature of heat transfer printing only a few turns. One of the great advantages of heat transfer printing is that, being a quick process, it does not require as much extra set-up time as screen printing does. Thus, it is a great candidate for urgent or time-sensitive tasks like bulk t shirt printing for events.

Factors to Consider When Choosing Custom Bulk T-Shirt Printing for Companies

1. Order Quantity

The number of t-shirts for bulk t-shirt printing for employees that you have ordered is an important factor in determining which printing technique is cost-effective. However, screen printing is considered more affordable for large copies, especially when the buyer is prepared to pay extra compared to the standard DTG and heat transfer printing units.

2. Design Complexity 

The design intricacy is very important, and the technique to be used should be chosen correctly. Screen printing is a good choice for prominent shapes and basic designs, while DTG is excellent at producing pictures, photographs, and graphics with all their unique subtleties. Heat transfer printing has not only the benefit of creative expression but also provides versatility for all kinds of design types. To promote your brand, you can have a print company logo on bulk t-shirts. 

3. Fabric type and colour

Fabric type and colour, including different types of print techniques, may be screwed up on certain material types and colour choices. Here is an example: when DTG printing goes best on lighter fabric, then screen printing and heat transfer are the two options that have more versatile coverage of fabrics and colours.

4. Durability Requirements

Define your t-shirts' goal and durability needs carefully. Screen printing and DTG printing are by far more unbreakable and hence effective for those custom t-shirt printing products that can go through strenuous washing and wear. Through heat transfer printing, things may not be durable but will still hold up for infrequent applications.

5. Turnaround Time 

If you have a strict deadline or need a more efficient process for bulk t-shirt printing for an event, consider the turnaround time of all the printing methods available to you. The majority of heat transfer printing and direct-to-garment printing have a faster turnaround time compared to screen printing, which needs a separate set-up time.

6. Summing Up!

Deciding on the proper printing process for your sizable t-shirt order is one of the essential issues and should be resolved properly to provide you with excellent long-term and fitting results. At Exact Print, we grasp every fine aspect of custom t shirt printing UK techniques for our clients; hence, we strictly direct you to the best printing methods for your projects. 


Whatever it is that you need, whether you are a brand looking for a customised merchandise, an organisation planning a charity event, or an individual marking an occasion, our credible team will get a taste of yours to understand the necessities, budget, and preferences of the design and provide cheap t-shirt printing services. Our modern printing machines paired with our resounding customer service pledges, drive us to deliver fully customised t-shirts that not only look remarkable but also live on strong within people's minds.

If you want your next order of t-shirts decorated on time, then use our services for same day bulk t shirt printing for function. Contact Exact Print and let us help you choose the best printing technique that brings your idea to life.

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Heather Grey: 97% Cotton, 3% Polyester.Weight of the cloth: White 160gsm, Colours 165gsm.Size chart: S 38", M 42", L 44", XL 48".The unisex Long Sleeve T Shirt, with a satisfactory knit gauge for advanced printability, is ideal for retail, licensing, tourism, and promotions. It functions as a crew neck with cotton/Lycra® rib, self-cloth lower back neck tape, and a timeless shape. Available in numerous attractive hues, which include Marls Heather Purple and Heather Burgundy.Washing Instructions:Dry cleaning should only be done by professional dry cleaners only. Avoid machine washing at 40°C and do not bleach. Tumble dry on low and do not iron.Custom Long Sleeve T-Shirt PrintingAt Exact Print, we offer a diverse choice of colours for our long-sleeve t shirts, all of which may be tailored or branded along with your exclusive design. Creating custom t-shirts has in no way been simpler – with us you can proceed as, choose a product, upload your layout, and complete your order at the checkout after that we'll look after the rest!One of our strengths is creating customised clothing and personalised garments, allowing us to provide top-notch personalised products. We create your t-shirts from scratch, ensuring they're completely precise and tailor-made to your possibilities. Exact Print's aims to empower you to have custom-made and bespoke t-shirts, setting high standards.Versatile uses of Men's Long Sleeve T ShirtsPerfect for convenient layering, it pairs nicely underneath a bomber jacket for an informal vibe or a blazer for sophisticated fashion. As a standalone assertion, pick out the bold colours or picture designs to make an effect, whether with jeans and shoes or chinos and loafers. Ideal for active wear, these tees offer solar protection and moisture-wicking residences for exercise. Layer, style, or prioritise comfort—this flexible piece of clothing is a must-have. Discover your perfect long-sleeved t shirts now at Exact Print! Garment Printing TechniqueTo ensure perfection in our final output we use superior garment printing techniques for our long sleeve t-shirts, making sure top-notch high-quality t shirts are available at affordable price. Our services include embroidery, perfect for attaining a perfect finish with a huge range of thread colours to match your brand. For colourful, full-shade designs, our Direct to Garment (DTG) printing uses advanced machines to produce splendid prints on both light and dark fabrics. Dye Sublimation is another method we use, ideal for a 100% white polyester clothes, making certain vibrant and long-lasting prints.Additionally, we provide CAD Cut Vinyl Printing, suitable for bold and easy designs with one or more colours, making it super for sports wear. Our Transfer Printing method works properly on both light and dark fabrics, making an allowance for full-colour designs without a minimum order requirement. With Exact Print, you can personalise your long sleeve t shirts with quite a few printing methods to make sure your designs come to life with stunning readability and precision. Choose us for elegant, durable, and custom t-shirts tailored as per your needs.Please note: Preview on the customiser is on a Extra Small-Garment. Your design or print may look smaller if printing on bigger size garment.LOOM SIZE CHARTSize Chart: Fruit of the Loom Valueweight T ShirtAll measurements are in centimetres and represent product dimensions.Width is measured 2cm under the sleeves across the shirt.Length is measured from the highest point of the shoulder to the hem. KIDS Size Width (cm) Length (cm) ADULT Size Width (cm) Length (cm) 1-2 yr/92cm 31 38 S 48.5 69.5 2-3yr/98cm 33 41 M 53.5 72 3-4yr/104cm 38 45 L 56 74.5 5-6yr/116cm 40.5 50 XL 61 77 7-8yr/128cm 43 55 XXL 66 78.5 9-11yr/140cm 46 60 3XL 71 80 12-13yr/152cm 48.5 65 4XL 76 81.5       5XL 81 83 Tolerance+/- 2.5 2.5 Tolerance+/- 2.5 2.5  POPULAR SEARCHESt shirt Printing | Printed t shirt | t shirt Printing Near Me | t shirt Print | Custom t shirt Printing | Print Your Own t shirt | Personalised t shirt Printing | t shirt Printing UK | Printed t shirts UK ..


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Polo T Shirt Women

Welcome to Exact Print where we provide you with the best Polo t Shirt for Women, completed with twin-needle stitching for enhanced durability ensuring an all-day comfortable fit. This polo t shirt is best in creating the ultimate work wear uniform, owing to its adaptability for rebranding purposes, coupled with the wide availability of size range.Product SpecificationsFabric: 50% Cotton, 50% PolyesterWeight: 220gsmSizes available: S 36″, M 40″, L 44″, XL 48″The Ladies short sleeve polo shirt is available in a wide size range, catering to the different work teams of all dimensions, making it an ideal choice for uniforms. The polo shirt has a ribbed self-collar, self-taped neck, twin-needle stitching, and a 3 self-coloured button placket, all complemented by a comfortably modern fit.Washing Instructions:Exclusive dry cleaning should be done and only by professional dry cleaners. Avoid machine washing at 40°. Refrain from using bleach and do not iron.Personalised Polo Shirts Women at Exact PrintPersonalised and custom printed polo shirts offer a great way to raise cognisance in your enterprise. We are here to help you in developing your precise polo shirts, tailor-made to any budget, and we deliver across the United Kingdom. As the top personalised t shirt and custom t shirt printing enterprise in the UK, we're committed towards each printing and embroidery order we receive.Exact Print takes pride in imparting top-notch customised polo t shirts for every occasion. Custom polo shirts are favoured due to their versatility, including enterprise, informal put-on, corporate events, and sports activities sports.Versatile Uses of Polo t Shirts for WomenPolo shirts for women are flexible, making them a cloth wardrobe important for various occasions. Whether you want a traditional black polo t shirt ladies style or vibrant coloured alternatives, these shirts offer each capability and fashion.Workwear: Polo shirts are best for corporate environments, supplying a professional yet snug appearance. They can be easily paired with trousers or skirts for a sophisticated workplace outfit.Casual Wear: Ladies' short-sleeve polo shirts are best for informal outings, from weekend buying journeys to espresso dates. The breathable clothes and relaxed match make them perfect for all-day comfort.Sports and Outdoor Activities: Polo shirts are high-quality for sports activities and outdoor activities, making them a famous choice for golfing, tennis, and different sports.Special Events: Dress up your polo t shirts for special occasions like organisation picnics, informal events, or family gatherings. The conventional fashion of a polo shirt allows it to be accessorised effortlessly for a greater delicate appearance.Travel: Polo shirts are journey-pleasant, presenting a wrinkle-resistant and versatile clothing alternative that may be dressed up or down depending on your itinerary. They are smooth and fit with various clothes.From work to play, polo shirts for women are a flexible and fashionable desire which can adapt to any setting.Please note: Preview on the customiser is on a Extra Small-Garment. Your design or print may look smaller if printing on bigger size garment.Garment Printing TechniquesAt Exact Print, we use the brand new printing strategies to make certain your women's polo t shirts are long lasting, consistent, and lower priced. Whether you order in bulk or individual, we offer plenty of customisation options, some of our printing techniques include:Embroidery: Achieve a complicated and expert end with our embroidery services. We provide a huge variety of thread shades to fit your logo perfectly.Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing: Print complete-colour images directly onto clothes with our advanced DTG machines. This approach works beautifully on both mild and darkish fabric, turning in splendid results quickly.Dye Sublimation: Perfect for 100% white polyester fabrics, this method makes use of heat-pressed transfer paper to create wonderful, specified designs.CAD Cut Vinyl Printing: Ideal for one or two-colour designs, this technique cuts your layout from a designated material and applies it with a commercial warmth press, best for sports clothing.Transfer Printing: Suitable for both light and dark fabric, this method uses a unique vinyl cloth for complete-color designs, ideal for small orders without a minimum requirement.At Exact Print, we ensure your custom women's polo shirts are simply the best. Let us help you create the appropriate polo shirt that displays your fashion and logo.POPULAR SEARCHEScustom Leaflets Printing | Envelope printing | Spiral Bound Brochure | Banner Printing | Custom Roller Banner London | Vinyl banner printing | PVC Banner Printing | Canvas Poster Printing..