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The Ultimate Guide to T Shirt Printing Design: Tips and Ideas

The Ultimate Guide to T Shirt Printing Design: Tips and Ideas

There is no doubt that personalised T-shirts that use different fashions are the hottest product to sell on the market these days. Its competitive edge is that the product is cheap and can be custom-made; it is a fantastic way to establish the brand and build a fan base.

Whether you're an amateur DIY lover or a classy professional who wants to increase his or her serenading abilities, mastering the art of custom T-shirt printing can open up a new world of possibilities. In this informative article, we will discuss a lot of T-shirt printing methods. Let’s dive in!

Various Techniques for Printing on T-shirts

1. Screen printing

The process has gained much attention amongst T-shirt printing enthusiasts as it is perfect for screen printing. Long product life is one of wide-spread screen printing’s features because it gives customers an excellent and long-term outcome. This T-shirt printing London procedure entails making a pattern with the tools called screens and printing on the area using various ink layers. 

Screen-printings, being the subject of years of practice, usually possess high durability and resistance to tears.

This way of production conditioning is not a cost-saving approach for low production volumes because of the setup expenses connected to them.

Compared to other printing methods, it is relatively low-cost.

When it comes to bulk printing with different colours or gradients, you can restrict yourself to the number of colours provided.

As such, combination printing gives the usual designs and highlights the background of a painting. 

2. Direct-to-garment (DTG)

It certainly takes the place of the most innovative among the many other ways of doing t-shirt printing. This approach is often compared to the process of unfolding a printer and spreading the ink directly onto the surface of the t-shirt. It is nearly like inkjet printing; however, it is exclusively for textile applications. This technique is good for geometrical and extremely complicated T-shirt printing designs that employ a wide pallet of colours.


Not only DGY but also DTG gives you the possibility of a one-to-one picture with a very high level of detail and being a very clear one.

On the whole, this method usually has higher upfront costs per shirt as compared to screen printing.

With this printing technique, synthetic colours are virtually resistant. However, this method cannot yet provide image quality as good as laser printing with the same cost and effort.

Approaching the topic of durability, screen printing offers stronger endurance than direct-to-garment printing, particularly after subsequent washing.

It allows customers to fine-tune their orders and is widely mentioned as a great selection for quickly making small orders or one-time pieces.

3. Heat Transfer

It is very easy to learn and can be applied to any task that you want. The operational reality of heat transfer is placing that design on a special type of paper and then using heat and pressure to print it on custom T-shirts. This method is widely used due to its simplicity and versatility, and thus it is suited for different occasions, like DIY projects and retail business owners. 


Compared to other sports, it is not difficult to master and does not necessitate making exclusive purchases of equipment.

There was the instance where the end would be a hole in the original print as well as the other techniques of generation of creations.

Hence, it becomes a very unique and widely accepted one since you can print complex colour designs while also fitting many sizes of the print order.

Owing to the potentiality of breaking or fading away after a certain amount of time, it is fragile rather than durable.

t-shirts printing London

4. Dye Sublimation

Such coats fit in with polyester materials. The approach is suitable for processing light-coloured polyester cloth. This method involves the use of heat and pressure to disperse the solid dye molecules into a gas phase occurring from the vaporisation, which then becomes bonded to the textile, thus enabling a superior T-shirt design.


It offers vibrant and comparable high-quality pictures. Use our AI to write for you about: Transforming the Future of Adolescent Healthcare Through Technology.

But again, that method works only for polyester fabrics, and it is not suitable for other types of fabrics.

This dye won't fade or bleed; it actually becomes a part of the fabric itself, adding a natural element to durability.

This practice is more costly because there are materials and equipment needed for it.

5. Vinyl Cutting

Such a method can be applied to the characterization of powerful graphics. Enhancing the global economy entails balancing and being considerate of the effects on the environment. A design is done by using textile cutting tools to make the pattern and then heat activating it on the personalised T-shirts UK. This technique is most suitable for striking graphics and designs that are extremely resistant to breakdown and damage.


It is raw and seamless and works well with designs that include high impact.

Let us point out that such a method is not applicable to designs with multiple colour schemes or complex details.

It renders the highest flexibility, facilitating small and large quantity norms.

Although the vinyl is the other reason behind this, the t-shirts could still be stiffer and less flexible.

6. Embroidery Printing

In this method, designs or emoticons are printed on the printed T-shirts using different machines or equipment. It uses both embroidering and printing methods. In contrast, it is also a task to draw a picture of the design digitally. After being integrated into the digital form, the image is then transferred to a set of stitches that will be later embroidered on the fabric made using an embroidery machine. 



After so many washings and wearings, it still looks the same. It neither fades nor peels off during washing.

Embroidery printing takes a lot of time and effort.

It also does the laundry, but with a bit of a challenge on thick fabrics.

The purchase cost of an embroidery printing machine is remarkably higher than other printing techniques.

Moreover, this procedure helps to make colours perfect. In light of that, it is just a method in the event of complex designs and logotypes.

Important Tips for T-Shirt Printing

  1. Below are some t-shirt printing tips to help you find the best t-shirt photo printing solution:
  2. Align with your purpose.
  3. Decide on quality, quantity, and cost.
  4. Choose an accurate method from the various t-shirt printing methods.
  5. Create your design.
  6. Select colours and fabrics.
  7. Find the best logistical solution.
  8. Try to be in the correct position.


T-shirt printing design is a wide array; it comprises many techniques to cater to numerous needs and choices. The old-fashioned way of T-shirt printing London has given way to pioneering methods such as DTG and digital laser transfer; these are the techniques that bring distinctive attributes to this world. These techniques will certainly give you the opportunity to grow in creativity and come up with designs that will be appealing not only for appearance but also for messaging to customers.

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T Shirt Unisex

Designed with a high quality knit gauge that enhances its printability, the unisex T shirts from Exact Print is a top-notch preference for diverse functions which incorporate retail, licensing, tourism, and one-off promotions. Noteworthy features of this short sleeve t-shirt men and t-shirt women’s short sleeve are that it encompass a crew neck decorated with a cotton/Lycra® rib and a self-material returned neck tape. The layout of the t-shirt gives a traditional match that exudes timeless appeal. Additionally, you may pick from a charming array of colours, along with putting Marls Heather Purple and Heather Burgundy, to fit all your possibilities.Product Specifications:Fabric: 100% Cotton. Ash: 99% Cotton, 1% Polyester. Heather Grey: 97% Cotton, 3% Polyester Weight: White 160gsm, Colours 165gsm Size: S 38" M 42" L 44" XL 48"Cotton/Lycra® rib crew neck. Precise twin-needle stitching detailing is present on the neck, sleeves, and hem. Also available in kids'.Washing Instructions:Must be dry-cleaned only by professional dry cleaners. Do not use Machine wash at 40°. Do not bleach. Do not Tumble dry low. Do not iron.Unisex Short Sleeve T Shirt PrintingAt Exact Print, we offer a huge selection of colors for our short sleeve t shirts, all of which can be personalised or branded collectively with your special design. Personalised short-sleeve t shirts are amongst our most sought-after products, owing to their versatility. Promotional men's t-shirts are best to communicate your message, whether or not you wear them for amusement, or occasions. Corporate t shirts exude professionalism, at the same time as branded t-shirts make incredible merchandise.Different Garment Printing TechniquesAt Exact Print, we provide cutting-edge t-shirt printing techniques at surprisingly cheaper costs, ensuring unwavering excellence, and durability. Our understanding of modern printing technology allows us to advise on the nice garment printing methods based on your design and specs. Some of them are:Embroidery: If you prefer a robust, fashionable, and polished end, embroidery proves to be a tremendous technique for customizing clothes. We boast an expansive palette of thread colorings to fit your logo's necessities. Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing: Direct to Garment Printing includes rendering complete-shade pictures onto garb using top-tier DTG machines, also referred to as digital printing. This versatile approach applies to garments of various colorings.Dye Sublimation: It is a remarkable method where in your designs are transferred onto specialised paper. Using heat, these designs are seamlessly fused into the cloth. This approach is ideal for clothes made of 100% white polyester, ensuring vibrant and sturdy prints.CAD Cut Vinyl Printing: This Printing technique involves developing your design from chosen materials via a plotter. The layout is then implemented to the garment with a warm press. Perfect for one or two-colour designs, such as lettering and numbers, this approach is simple and easy, making it a favorite for sports clothing.Transfer Printing: This technique prints your designs onto a specialised, transferable vinyl fabric. Suitable for both light and dark fabrics, this technique is notable for complete-colour designs and occasional-amount orders. It’s perfect for all-over prints and has no minimal order requirements, making it ideal for customized unisex t shirts.For accurate sizing, please discuss with our Fruit of the Loom Size Chart to discover the fine healthy for your short sleeve t shirts, whether for men or ladies.Please note: Preview on the customiser is on a Extra Small-Garment. Your design or print may look smaller if printing on bigger size garment..FRUIT OF THE LOOM SIZE CHARTBelow is the Fruit of the Loom Valueweight t shirt chartAll of the measurements are of the product and dimensions is in cm.Width of the t-shirt is measured 2cm under the sleeves across the t-shirt whereas Length is measured from the highest point of the shoulder to the hem of the t-shirt. KIDS Size Width (cm) Length (cm) ADULT Size Width (cm) Length (cm) 1-2 yr/92cm 31 38 S 48.5 69.5 2-3yr/98cm 33 41 M 53.5 72 3-4yr/104cm 38 45 L 56 74.5 5-6yr/116cm 40.5 50 XL 61 77 7-8yr/128cm 43 55 XXL 66 78.5 9-11yr/140cm 46 60 3XL 71 80 12-13yr/152cm 48.5 65 4XL 76 81.5       5XL 81 83 Tolerance+/- 2.5 2.5 Tolerance+/- 2.5 2.5  POPULAR SEARCHESEmbroidery London | Custom Embroidery London | t-shirt Embroidery | Print Shop | Printing Shop | Custom Printed t shirts | Mens Printed t shirts | Printed t shirts Near Me | flyer Printing..


T Shirt Short Sleeve

T Shirt Short Sleeve

Tired of that same old t-shirt in your wardrobe?  Craving a t-shirt that goes past basic then look no beyond Exact Print as our collection of mens short-sleeve t shirts is here to raise your fashion game.  In every order we aim to provide perfection in every aspect which does not compromise on persona, and printability letting your individuality shine through your t-shirt.Here's why we feel you'll love our mens short sleeve t-shirts:Softness & Fit: The fine knit gauge fabric feels smooth against your skin, while the classic fit flatters all body types.Comfy Details: The crew neck with a cotton/Lycra® rib presents a cushy, non-restrictive feel, and the self-cloth against neck tape provides a complete fit.Endless Style: Available in a variety of traditional colourings, such as essential black short sleeve t-shirt and white short sleeve t-shirts, as well as colors like Heather Purple and Heather Burgundy.Unmatched Versatility: Whether you're customising for retail, licensing, tourism, promotions, or just rocking a plain t-shirt, this short-sleeve t-shirt is ready for literally everything.Product SpecificationCrafted from top-class materials, the fabric composition varies to suit your choices: 100% Cotton for the primary material, 99% Cotton and 1% Polyester for Ash, and 97% Cotton and 3% Polyester for Heather Grey. The weight levels from 160gsm for White short sleeve t-shirt to 165gsm for Colours, making sure a comfortable and breathable put-on.Choose your ideal length from our selection: Small (S) with a width of 38 inches and a length of 69.5 cm, Medium (M) with a width of 42 inches and duration of 72 cm, Large (L) with a width of 44 inches and duration of 74.5 cm, and Extra Large (XL) with a width of 48 inches and period of 77 cm.Washing Instructions:To preserve the quality of your T shirt, we suggest dry cleaning from professional dry cleaners only. Avoid using a washing device at 40°C, bleaching, tumble drying on low, and ironing to preserve the vibrant colorations and design.Custom T-shirt printing at Exact PrintOur short sleeve t shirt comes with quite a few printing and embroidery alternatives, permitting you to create a unique design that displays your fashion. At Exact Print, we offer an easy-to-use customisation process. Simply select your preferred product, add your layout, and complete your order on the checkout. After that we look after your order, making sure your personalised T-shirt is crafted to perfection.Versatile Uses of Men's Short-Sleeve T ShirtsShort-sleeve t-shirts for men are vital as they present an unequalled consolation and flexibility. Perfect for an informal put-on, a white short-sleeve t shirt pairs easily with jeans for a classic appearance, at the same time as a black short-sleeve t shirt adds an edgy contact. Ideal for athletic activities, the breathable fabric keeps you cool and comfortable throughout workouts. The short sleeve t-shirts additionally serve as top-notch layering pieces, adding warm temperature without bulk when worn underneath jackets or hoodies. Whether for informal put-on, sports activities, or customised expression, men's short-sleeve t shirts are a need-to-have.Don't pass over this opportunity to showcase your creativity and make a long-lasting effect. Order now whilst stocks last and take gain.For accurate measurements, we endorse relating to our length chart and selecting the dimensions that fit you. With Exact Print, you can believe in top-class fabric, impeccable craftsmanship, and a wide range of printing strategies to create a T shirt that is all yours.Please note: Preview on the customiser is on a Extra Small-Garment. Your design or print may look smaller if printing on bigger size garment.POPULAR SEARCHESWomen’s Printed t shirts | t shirt Printing Men | tshirts Printing Design | Canvas Prints UK | Canvas Printing | Clothing Print Shop Near Me | Apron Printing | Jumper Printing | Hoodie Printing ..


Kids T Shirt Unisex

Kids T Shirt Unisex

Tired of the "Shrinky-Dinky" Tee? Gear Up for Big Adventures with Our Kids T Shirt Unisex Collection! Is your child's t-shirt collection overflowing with clothes that shrink in the dryer faster than their imagination can grow? At Exact Print, we consider children to deserve durable garments which can hold up with their boundless energy. That's why we created our Kids T Shirt Unisex collection – the perfect mixture of fashion, comfort, and toughness!Material Composition: 100% Cotton fabric. Ash variant: 99% Cotton, 1% Polyester. Heather Grey variant: 97% Cotton, 3% Polyester.Weight: In white T-shirt- 140gsm, In Colour Tshirt- 145gsmSize: 3/4 22/25" 5/6 28/30" 7/8 30/32" 9/11 32/34" 12/13 34/36" 14/15 36/38"The t-shirt features a Cotton/Lycra® rib crew neck detailed with twin needle stitching on the neck, sleeves, and hem. Also offered in children's sizes.Washing Guidelines:1. Dry cleaning by professional dry cleaners is recommended.2. Avoid machine washing at 40°.3. Do not bleach.4. Refrain from tumble drying on low heat.5. Ironing is not advised.FRUIT OF THE LOOM VALUEWEIGHT SIZE CHARTSize Guide: Fruit of the Loom Valueweight T ShirtAll measurements are provided in centimetres (cm) and represent product dimensions.Width is measured 2cm beneath the sleeves, spanning across the t-shirt. Length is measured from the uppermost point of the shoulder to the garment's hem. Kids Size Width (cm) Length (cm) Adult Size Width (cm) Length (cm) 1-2yr / 92 cm 31 38 S 48.5 69.5 2-3yr / 98 cm 33 41 M 53.5 72 3-4yr / 104 cm 38 45 L 56 74.5 5-6yr / 116 cm 40.5 50 XL 61 77 7-8yr / 128 cm 43 55 XXL 66 78.5 9-11yr / 140 cm 46 60 3XL 71 80 12-13yr / 152 cm 48.5 65 4XL 76 81.5 5XL 81 83 Tolerance +/- 2.5 2.5 Tolerance =/- 2.5 2.5 Custom Kids T-Shirts Printing at Exact PrintLooking for a realistic way to personalise your kids dress? Look no further to Exact Print's custom children's t shirt printing service! From classic pink, and white to formidable black, we provide lots of colours and sizes to fit each child particular style.The possibilities are limitless! Our user-friendly interface allows you to effortlessly add your very own layout, logo, or artwork to create personalised children t-shirts. Whether you want custom college uniforms, branded t-shirts for an after-college membership, or just elegant ordinary tees, we've got you covered.Our children's long sleeve t shirts are best for all types of sports, from school days and dance classes to football video games, cricket matches, and the past! We regularly offer custom kids' t-shirts for golf equipment, scouts, and diverse teen agencies, promoting sportsmanship and creativity through these stylish portions.The Benefits of Exact Print's Kids T-ShirtsExact Print's kids t-shirts are designed to be as durable. We use notable materials that can resist limitless washes and playground adventures, making sure your crimson, white, black, or custom-coloured t-shirt look pleasant. Our gentle, breathable fabrics hold your kid cool and snug during the day, whether or not they may be conquering the monkey bars or rocking their personalised layout with delight. At Exact Print, we take satisfaction in top-quality materials and outstanding printing techniques. So ditch the normal and include the excellent! With Exact Print, getting personalised children t shirts is less difficult than ever.What sizes are available for kids' t-shirts?We offer a huge sort of sizes for our kids' t-shirts to ensure a high-quality suit for kids of all ages. From babies to teens, we've got sizes that cater to every level of your little one's increase.Can I customise the t-shirts with anything I wish?Absolutely! Our custom kids' t-shirt printing service allows you to personalise t-shirts collectively with your preferred character, or unique artwork. Create a customised kid t-shirt that stands proud with our easy-to-use design tool.What colourings are available for the kids t-shirts?We provide a variety of colourings such as red t-shirts, green t-shirts, and white t-shirts for kids, black t-shirts and young children long sleeve t-shirts. Choose the suitable colour for kids style and desire.POPULAR SEARCHESPrinted t shirt | t shirt Printing Near Me | t shirt Print | Custom t shirt Printing | Print Your Own t shirt | Personalised t shirt Printing | t shirt Printing UK | Printed t shirts UK..