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The Versatility and Style of Women's Long Sleeve Polo T Shirts

The Versatility and Style of Women's Long Sleeve Polo T Shirts

Women’s long-sleeve polo shirts are desirably versatile apparel pieces for everyone to consider incorporating into their wardrobes. Expertly blending fashion, comfort, and utility, they could therefore be worn on other casual occasions besides work or formal events. 

This blog will go through the many possibilities of wearing ladies long sleeve polo T shirts, the advantages of doing so, and also ways to wear the shirt. We will also include Exact Print, a company located in London, UK, we deal in high-end women’s long-sleeve polo shirts made from the best fabrics and can deliver as soon as today.

Uses of Women's Long-Sleeve Polo Shirts

1. Casual Wear

A. Everyday Comfort

Fashion t-shirts for women with long sleeves are fashionable and can be worn on casual occasions. The lightweight and relaxed design allows for easy wearing throughout day-to-day tasks such as doing errands, going out for coffee and food, or even just staying home. They are comfortable with a chic style that does not compromise the necessity and convenience one may require in their daily lives.

B. Styling Tips

In this case, the appropriate wardrobe combination would be a polo long sleeve for ladies matched with jeans or leggings for a casual outfit. You can also layer it over that under a light jacket or a sweater to get that extra warmth you need. The final touches to the outfit would be simple accessories such as necklaces or rings, as well as shoes that will not cause discomfort all day.

2. Professional Settings

A. Business Casual

Shoulder length is also important in a professional environment. Women’s long-sleeve polo shirts can be considered an efficient replacement for regular blouses or buttoned shirts. It can provide a more formal look, yet at the same time, it can be less stiff compared to one’s custom-tailored business suits. For one, the collar and formal tailored fit give them a business-like look, making these shoes perfect for business formal attire.

B. Styling Tips

A long-sleeve polo shirts for women can as well be dressed with tailored pants or a pencil skirt for a professional look in a business casual setting. Basically, you can wear jeans, but to make it more official, you can accompany it with a blazer. Accessorise with a conservative timepiece and a few other pieces of jewellery, such as studs, rather than bolder necklaces for a more formal appearance.

3. Activewear

A. Sporty and functional

Ladies t-shirts are also trending in active wear categories. The Rayon-dyed long-sleeve polo shirts in different catalogues proved massive for women. Due to their breathability and comfortable nature, they can be worn in any mechanised activity like golf, tennis, or other casual exercises. These apparels ensure adequate concealment while offering the coverage required for a particular physical activity without hindering movement.

B. Styling Tips

If wearing a polo long sleeve for ladies for sport or any form of physical activity, then best complement the attire with short or gym-cut tracksuits, skirts, or leggings. Choose fabrics that will not cling, thus helping to prevent sweating, by selecting clothes made from moisture-wicking materials. To complete the sporty attire, wear proper matching shoes, socks if necessary, and seasonal accessories like a visor or a cap.

4. Travel Attire

A. Comfortable and stylish

While travelling, the person needs clothes that can be worn in different ways and that can fit the climate of where they are going. Such are best worn by women for travelling because they are versatile and may be worn from work to lunch, to dinner, to night. It is relatively quick and comfortable to pack, does not crease, and is appropriate for all types of settings.

B. Styling Tips

A long sleeve polo shirts for women with jeans or travel pants would make the perfect travel ensemble. Make an additional layer for different temperatures by wearing a cardigan or a light jacket over the dress. Select apparel that complements each other in different ways so that they can be easily layered to form a compatible combination.

ladies polo long sleeve t shirt printing london

Exact Print: Your Source for Women’s Long Sleeve Polo Shirts in London

1. About Exact Print

Exact Print is a printing and apparel retailer in London, United Kingdom. Our business is highly reputable due to the high-quality products and dedicated services. We provide products such as custom prints and same-day shipping. Some of their specialised product categories include women’s long-sleeve polo shirts that can suit customers ranging from individual users to business institutional buyers.

2. High-Quality Women's Long Sleeve Polo Shirts

A. Superior Materials and Craftsmanship

To that end, Exact Print boasts of its promise of delivering to its customers women’s long-sleeve polo shirts made from the best fabrics. The shirts are well designed to suit a wearer’s physique and have the durability and endurance that any shirt user would desire. These ladies long-sleeve polo shirts come in different colours and sizes, so clients can easily order the products they want according to their size and colour preferences, as well as the size and colour of their brand.

B. Custom printing services

There are several similarities between the printing services offered by Exact Print and those of other printing companies; however, the one that may differentiate the company from the rest is their offer of customised printing services. As for the colour schemes, customers are also able to have their long-sleeve polo shirts with logos, texts, or customised graphics. Due to the nature of this service, it proves to be most advantageous among business entities, sports teams, and corporations that aim to present a formal and united appearance.

3. Same Day Shipping in London

That is why Exact Print respects the time constraints that may exist for the business or some event. Some of the stations include same-day dispatch services within London, so clients are able to receive their long-sleeve t-shirts for women. Due to its vast accessibility and fast turnaround time, it is the ideal company to approach for any order that needs to be completed within a short turnaround period.

4. Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Variety is something that Exact Print takes very seriously because customer satisfaction is what we hold. The personnel of the company, staffed only with highly qualified specialists, cooperate only with the client, listen to his wishes, and offer the necessary products that meet his expectations. From the interaction of the customer and the firm to the printing, finishing, and delivery of final products, Exact Print guarantees all clients’ satisfaction.


Women's long-sleeve polo shirts are fashion and function in one package and can be seen on almost any occasion. This makes them ideal for wear and tear on different occasions, including casual wear, working occasions, sports, and even while traveling. These shirts will give any man the comfort he desires, along with the style she needs at work or for a special occasion.

Exact Print is a UK-based printing and apparel solutions company selling a variety of polo long sleeves for ladies with the additional features of printing and many more services, such as same-day shipping. Therefore, they are the most suitable clothing providers for anyone in need of quality and fashionable clothing, as well as business people in need of corporate wear.

Whether it is to individually select clothing that would be suitable for almost any ensemble or to order branded uniforms or promotional merchandise for your company or sports team, Exact Print is your go-to store. Looking into their long-sleeve polo shirts for women, you will surely get to know how they can help make you look and feel good.

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Polo Long Sleeve Unisex

Polo Long Sleeve Unisex

Polo Long Sleeve T Shirt UnisexElevate your wardrobe with Exact Print's Polo Long Sleeve Unisex shirts! Our long sleeve polo shirts, available for women and men, integrate fashion and comfort seamlessly. Crafted for versatility, these polo shirts are perfect for any event, from professional events to casual outings. Whether you are searching out men's long-sleeve polo t shirts, womens long-sleeve polo shirts, then our collection has something absolutely for everyone. Enjoy the high-quality and cutting-edge printing services, designed to cater to all genders effectively and beautifully.Product SpecificationFabric: 50% Cotton, 50% PolyesterWeight: 220gsmSize: S 36/38" M 38/40" L 41/42" XL 43/44" 2XL 45/47" 3XL 49/51" 4XL 52/54"Our long sleeve polo t shirts women and men are designed with sturdiness and style in mind. Thanks to the ribbed collar and 1x1 neck tape, it holds its shape without problems. A 2-button placket reinforced with a fusible insert and faceted seams guarantees a notable fit. Available in sizes XS to 4XL, it can be an appropriate preference for all people. The cotton pique material is pleasant for personalisation and the buttons match the shade of the shirt so it is best for a print or embellishment. Thoroughly researched, the fabric meets the requirements of several printing methods and holds Oeko-Tex, Fairwear Foundation and Vegan certifications. Perfect for everyone seeking out a unique, customisable long-sleeve polo shirt for men or a long-sleeve polo t-shirt women. Washing Instructions:Must be dry-cleaned only by professional dry cleaners.Do not use Machine wash at 40°. Do not bleach. Do not tumble dry low. Do not iron.Custom Polo T Shirts by Exact Print!Tired of everyday uniforms? Then worry not as Exact Print is here to convert your polo’s into a powerful branding tool! We specialise in growing personalised polo shirts with custom prints.Why to choose Exact Print?Unleash Your Creativity: Design your dream polo, no matter your finances. Our user-friendly interface permits you to add trademarks, text, or portraits to create custom t-shirts.Quality You Can Trust: We use the most effective printing materials and techniques, ensuring your custom t-shirt printing seems sharp and lasts long. Choose embroidery for a hint of undying elegance.The UK's Custom Clothing Kings: From small orders to bulk productions, we supply splendid custom polo t shirts anywhere inside the UK.The possibilities are endless! Outfit your group, promote your enterprise, or create a unique present with our customisable polo shirts. Exact Print is your one-stop shop to get the best garments in UK!Versatile Uses for Polo Long Sleeve UnisexWork-wear: Our long-sleeve polo shirts are ideal for corporate environments and uniforms. With a sleek design, they make an ideal outfit. Both long-sleeve polo shirts men's and women's long-sleeve polo t shirts are tailored to maintain an elegant appearance at some point of the workday.Casual Wear: Ideal for casual outings and regular wear, these polo’s are a mixture of fashion and comfort. Whether you are dressing down for the weekend or walking errands, men's sleeve polo shirts and long sleeve polo t-shirt womens provide bendy fashion options.Advanced Garment Printing Techniques for Polo Long Sleeve UnisexAt Exact Print, we specialise in top printing techniques. Our strategies make certain durability and consistency at competitive costs, tailored as per your needs. Following are the printing techniques employed at Exact Print:Embroidery: Achieve a professional finish with our wide range of thread colors for ideal brand matching.Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing: Utilise our advanced DTG machines for vibrant, full-shade prints on each light and darkish fabric.Dye Sublimation: Ideal for a 100% white polyester clothes, this technique guarantees bright, durable prints.CAD Cut Vinyl Printing: Perfect for ambitious, simple designs with one or two colorations, perfect for sportswear.Transfer Printing: Suitable for both mild and dark fabric, supplying full-colour designs without a minimum order.Choose Exact Print for elegant, long-lasting custom unisex long sleeve polo shirts.POPULAR SEARCHESArchitectural Colour Printing | Document Printing | Raffle Tickets Printing | Flyers Printing | Leaflets Printing | Personalised Garment | Envelope Printing | Banner Printing | Business Cards Printing ..


Polo Long Sleeve Ladies

Polo Long Sleeve Ladies

Get high sophistication and complete luxury with Exact Print's series of long-sleeve polo t shirts for ladies! At Exact Print we provide our customers with flexible long-sleeve polo shirts which are the precise combination of conventional style and cutting-edge-day technology, made for the modern-day ladies on the move. Crafted from excellent fabric and material, these women's long-sleeve polo shirts offer a timeless look that fits any occasion. Whether for an informal day out or an office event, our long-sleeve polo t-shirt women provide the beauty and comfort you want to experience.Fabric: 50% Cotton, 50% PolyesterWeight: 220gsmSize: S 36/38" M 38/40" L 41/42" XL 43/44" 2XL 45/47" 3XL 49/51" 4XL 52/54"Product DetailsOur women’s long-sleeve polo t shirts function with a 1x1 rib knitted collar and neck tape, making sure they preserve their shape after wear. The 2-button placket is reinforced with a fusible interlining for introduced sturdiness, at the same time as facet seams guarantee fantastic health. Available in sizes from XS to 4XL, there is a super in shape for every lady.Material: Crafted from cotton piqué, these shirts are perfect for customisation. The material has been examined to fulfil standards for diverse printing techniques, making it best for all types of custom designs.Design and Details: The buttons are colour-matched to the shirt, imparting a continuing look and flexibility for printing.Certifications: Our women's long-sleeve polo t-shirts are Oeko-Tex, Fairwear Foundation, and Vegan licensed, making sure they're made with excessive ethical and environmental standards.Elevate your cabinet with our stylish and customisable long-sleeve polo t shirts for women, designed to provide both consolation and a perfect shape.Washing Instructions:Must be dry-cleaned only by professional dry cleaners. Do not use Machine wash at 40°. Do not bleach. Do not Tumble dry low. Do not iron.Custom Polo ShirtsPersonalised polo t shirt with custom prints are a great way to make more humans recognise your business. We're right here to help you create your special polo shirts, and we can deliver the shirt anywhere within the UK. Today Exact Print is the premium choice within the UK for making precise t-shirts and custom shirt printing, whether you want your layout revealed or embroidered.Benefits of Long Sleeve Polo ShirtsDiscover the appropriate combo of favor and luxury with our women's long-sleeve polo t shirts. These versatile garments are designed to fulfil the needs of each of your expert and informal wardrobes, ensuring you usually appear polished and feel cushy.Long Sleeve Advantage: Transition effortlessly between seasons with the added warmth and coverage of long sleeves. Perfect for layering, offering a polished look for the office or a casual vibe for weekend outings.Comfort & Quality: Made from top-rate, breathable fabrics that drape fantastically and ensure all-day consolation. Durable construction withstands frequent washing without compromising form or colour.Customisable Style: Unleash your creativity with our user-friendly design tool. Add your logo, name, or a personal touch to create a certain specific polo.At Exact Print we provide you with the best long sleeve polo t shirts for women which are not just a cloth cabinet staple, but a canvas for your private fashion.Garment Printing TechniqueAt Exact Print, we provide a number of printing techniques to convey your imaginative and prescient to life, even keeping it durable and low priced.  Whether you want some custom polos for a team party or for a promotional event, we've got you covered. Here's a breakdown of our printing strategies that will help you select the most suitable one for yourself:Embroidery:Embroidery adds a hint of undying beauty on your polos. With a considerable choice of thread colours to perfectly shape your brand identification, embroidery creates a professional and long-lasting impact. It's ideal for trademarks, text, or even small, complicated designs.Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing:Imagine excessive-resolution pictures, targeted artwork, or colourful logos redecorating your polos! DTG printing makes it possible. This digital printing method works wonders on each mild and dark coloured fabrics, generating top-notch effects in a brief turnaround time. Perfect for showcasing complicated designs in all their glory.Dye Sublimation:Got a layout that needs to wrap around the whole polo? Dye sublimation is your ideal solution. This method entails printing onto transfer paper, that's then heat-pressed in a particular manner, on a 100% white polyester cloth. In the end we get a wonderful, complete-insurance layout that will become one with the material.CAD Cut Vinyl:For designs with a one or two-shade punch, CAD cut vinyl printing is a remarkable preference.  This approach uses a laptop-managed system to exactly reduce your design from exquisite vinyl. The design is then warmth-pressed onto the garment for a crisp, expert look. This approach is famous for lettering, numbers, and logos, making it a fantastic alternative for athletic garb or group uniforms.Transfer Printing:If you need captivating, full-color designs on a smaller batch of polos, then transfer printing is a really perfect choice for you.  Your artwork is printed onto special transfer paper, that's then warmth-pressed onto the material. This technique works nicely on both light and dark colored garments, making it a versatile and powerful preference.POPULAR SEARCHESt shirt Printing England  | UK t shirt Printing | Women’s Printed t shirts | t shirt Printing Men | tshirts Printing Design | Canvas Prints UK | Canvas Printing | Clothing Print Shop Near Me ..


Polo T Shirt Women

Polo T Shirt Women

Welcome to Exact Print where we provide you with the best Polo t Shirt for Women, completed with twin-needle stitching for enhanced durability ensuring an all-day comfortable fit. This polo t shirt is best in creating the ultimate work wear uniform, owing to its adaptability for rebranding purposes, coupled with the wide availability of size range.Product SpecificationsFabric: 50% Cotton, 50% PolyesterWeight: 220gsmSizes available: S 36″, M 40″, L 44″, XL 48″The Ladies short sleeve polo shirt is available in a wide size range, catering to the different work teams of all dimensions, making it an ideal choice for uniforms. The polo shirt has a ribbed self-collar, self-taped neck, twin-needle stitching, and a 3 self-coloured button placket, all complemented by a comfortably modern fit.Washing Instructions:Exclusive dry cleaning should be done and only by professional dry cleaners. Avoid machine washing at 40°. Refrain from using bleach and do not iron.Personalised Polo Shirts Women at Exact PrintPersonalised and custom printed polo shirts offer a great way to raise cognisance in your enterprise. We are here to help you in developing your precise polo shirts, tailor-made to any budget, and we deliver across the United Kingdom. As the top personalised t shirt and custom t shirt printing enterprise in the UK, we're committed towards each printing and embroidery order we receive.Exact Print takes pride in imparting top-notch customised polo t shirts for every occasion. Custom polo shirts are favoured due to their versatility, including enterprise, informal put-on, corporate events, and sports activities sports.Versatile Uses of Polo t Shirts for WomenPolo shirts for women are flexible, making them a cloth wardrobe important for various occasions. Whether you want a traditional black polo t shirt ladies style or vibrant coloured alternatives, these shirts offer each capability and fashion.Workwear: Polo shirts are best for corporate environments, supplying a professional yet snug appearance. They can be easily paired with trousers or skirts for a sophisticated workplace outfit.Casual Wear: Ladies' short-sleeve polo shirts are best for informal outings, from weekend buying journeys to espresso dates. The breathable clothes and relaxed match make them perfect for all-day comfort.Sports and Outdoor Activities: Polo shirts are high-quality for sports activities and outdoor activities, making them a famous choice for golfing, tennis, and different sports.Special Events: Dress up your polo t shirts for special occasions like organisation picnics, informal events, or family gatherings. The conventional fashion of a polo shirt allows it to be accessorised effortlessly for a greater delicate appearance.Travel: Polo shirts are journey-pleasant, presenting a wrinkle-resistant and versatile clothing alternative that may be dressed up or down depending on your itinerary. They are smooth and fit with various clothes.From work to play, polo shirts for women are a flexible and fashionable desire which can adapt to any setting.Please note: Preview on the customiser is on a Extra Small-Garment. Your design or print may look smaller if printing on bigger size garment.Garment Printing TechniquesAt Exact Print, we use the brand new printing strategies to make certain your women's polo t shirts are long lasting, consistent, and lower priced. Whether you order in bulk or individual, we offer plenty of customisation options, some of our printing techniques include:Embroidery: Achieve a complicated and expert end with our embroidery services. We provide a huge variety of thread shades to fit your logo perfectly.Direct to Garment (DTG) Printing: Print complete-colour images directly onto clothes with our advanced DTG machines. This approach works beautifully on both mild and darkish fabric, turning in splendid results quickly.Dye Sublimation: Perfect for 100% white polyester fabrics, this method makes use of heat-pressed transfer paper to create wonderful, specified designs.CAD Cut Vinyl Printing: Ideal for one or two-colour designs, this technique cuts your layout from a designated material and applies it with a commercial warmth press, best for sports clothing.Transfer Printing: Suitable for both light and dark fabric, this method uses a unique vinyl cloth for complete-color designs, ideal for small orders without a minimum requirement.At Exact Print, we ensure your custom women's polo shirts are simply the best. Let us help you create the appropriate polo shirt that displays your fashion and logo.POPULAR SEARCHEScustom Leaflets Printing | Envelope printing | Spiral Bound Brochure | Banner Printing | Custom Roller Banner London | Vinyl banner printing | PVC Banner Printing | Canvas Poster Printing..